There are many different gaming peripheral companies, but no one does it quite like PDP does. Utilizing an application called the PDP Control Hub or the Victrix Control Hub, it offers a huge range of customization options for your controller. If you want custom colors and lights on your peripheral, or you want to remap your controller to suit your playstyle, PDP has it all. It’s a leader in accessibility and cool functions. If you’ve been looking into PDP but are still on the edge, BossLevelGamer spoke with Billy Brisebois, the Product Marketing Manager at PDP. 

Learning About PDP’s Control Hub

What Inspired the creation of this app?

“The PDP Control Hub and Victrix Control Hub apps, like all of PDP’s products, are designed and created with the consumer in mind. Providing the ability to customize your controller quickly and easily to fit your unique playing style was important to us and to the gaming community.”

Will this work with the accessible Xbox controllers created for Disabled gamers?

“The ability to remap the built-in back buttons provides gamers the ability to fit their own style, including disabled gamers who may benefit from it. The PDP Control Hub currently works on most PDP XB controllers, including our most popular REMATCH, REALMz, and AFTERGLOW WAVE.”

Will this control hub be available to PlayStation users in the future?

“PDP’s PlayStation controllers (Victrix Pro BFG) do connect to our Victrix Control Hub, allowing you to customize similar to the PDP Control Hub. Victrix Control Hub is available to access through Windows 10/11. The Victrix Control Hub will also work on our newest controller, the Pro BFG for Xbox.”

Are there any features that you will be adding in the future?

“Our Control Hub apps are always evolving. As we continue to interact with the gaming community and discover new insights, you can be sure that PDP will be at the forefront of providing it to our consumers. No current features are on the roadmap, but that will change as we continue to discover insights to elevate the gaming experience.”

Image Credit: PDP.

What is your favorite feature to use in the control hub?

“Our Control Hubs provide so many amazing features that it is a challenge to pick out just one. A couple of key features that I love, and our data shows that consumers do as well, include Remapping Buttons, adjusting trigger sensitivity levels, and using our state-of-the-art customizable lighting features (for the Afterglow Wave controller).”

If you’ve been looking to get a new controller and get stuck in with gaming without worrying about your controller breaking or not having the customization that you need, PDP’s controllers allow for more accessibility and customization than you could dream of. The PDP and Victrix control hubs allow for button remapping, programmable back buttons, tweakable audio settings, and much, much more.

With the team behind the PDP Control Hub constantly working to improve the features on the hubs as well as make some epic controllers for the gamers out there, there’s a lot to love and appreciate. 

If you’ve already gotten your hands on a piece of PDP gear, you can connect it to the PDP Control Hub or Victrix Control Hub for free, where you can customize your piece of hardware til your heart’s content. 

We look forward to seeing how far the PDP Control Hub can take gamers in the future.