Signalis is starting to explore its weird side when you get to the Tarot Card and Moon Phase puzzle. This section of the game is a long, intensive grind through meat-filled corridors and abstract concepts. This is going to be a long, dedicated puzzle that you will solve throughout the course of Rotfront. You will have to be vigilant as you explore the environment, but don’t worry. We’ll go over each step so you don’t get lost.

How to Solve the Tarot Card & Moon Phase Puzzle

In order to solve the Tarot Card and Moon Phase puzzle in Signalis, you will need to collect the six tarot cards across the map. These cards are part of major story events, so you’ll find them over the course of the story of Rotfront. Then, you’ll need to pick up the ring that the mural had dropped and slot it into the Rotfront circle, then swap it to represent the phases of the moon.

Rotfront is the final area of the game, so you’re almost to the end of the story. Because of that, this puzzle will require you to make the most of your gear to get through the endgame. Make good note of the Magic Boxes across the maps, because you will be dropping off items all of the time during this intensive puzzle.

Signalis Tarot Cards and Order

You will be collecting six cards over the course of your stay in Rotfront. The cards are located in the following parts of the map:

  • Lovers by placing the Acestone in the paintings.
  • Death by using Erika Itou’s birthday on the keypad and then watching the following cutscene.
    • The birthday is in the Medibank, within the Blockwart Office computer. The code is 560524.
  • Moon by using the code that you find on the butterflies of the Butterfly room on the safe.
  • Sun by developing the black photo and placing it in the scanner.
  • Star by broadcasting the sound of magpies to the magpie box with the radio, accessible from the Blockwart Office computer’s Radio program.
    • You will also need the Blue Diskette from the Pipeworks Room. You will also need the Red Diskette from the Metro Station – jump down from the Meat Grinder to be in the area. The radio signal is in line with Antenna 43 at 210Khz left and 125Khz right.
  • Tower is found in the Cafeteria.

Be sure that, when you are collecting these cards, you bring them back to the Magic Box after you collect one or two. You don’t want to clog your inventory with nothing but quest items!

Get all six cards and then the Patient’s Key. That key is found in the Computer Store, on a table.

Head up to room 512 in the apartment complex. You’ll see six different card-sized placement slots. Your goal is to match the cards in the order of the dreams. Make sure you keep a weapon on you as you travel back and forth to the magic box! You’re not going to be able to hold all six cards.

The order is as follows:

  • Sun, Buyan
  • Star, Heimat
  • Tower, Vineta
  • Lovers, Kitezh
  • Death, Leng
  • Moon, Rotfront

Put the cards in the right places, then flick the switch in the top-left. Take note of the moon phases.

Moon Phase Puzzle

Once you complete the Tarot puzzle, a ring will fall off of the mural. In the Ground Floor of the Apartment complex. Specifically, it is in the northern section of the Atrium. Grab that and set the moon phases in the following order, from left to right.

  • All Gold
  • Slight Blue, Top Left
  • Slight Blue, Top Right
  • All Blue
  • Slight Blue, Top Left
  • Blue Left

These will be in the same order as you see in the Ultraviolet light in the Tarot Card puzzle. Try to match them up if you’re having trouble completing this puzzle.

You’ll know that you’ve done it correctly when a crawlway opens up in the room to let you continue your journey.

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