Pick these characters for Seven Mortal Sins X-tasy!

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Here is your Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy tier list. Fans of the show may be immediately familiar but noobs may be asking “wha-huh?” This game is a spinoff the popular demon worship anime series about, well, seven deadly sins. The over-under is that it is about summoning easy-on-the-eyes ladies who act as summons and yield different stats and attacks. So yes, it’s a Gacha game.

Seven Mortal Sins X-tasy Tier List


Best of the best

  • Asmodeus (Lust) – DPS/support
  • Belphegor (Sloth) – DPS/support
  • Caillen (Braveheart) – support
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/support
  • Furka (Dragonblade) – DPS/support
  • Garcias (Twin Stars) – support
  • Lucifer (Pride) – DPS/support
  • Stolas (Windblade) – DPS


Not perfect, but close.

  • Anastastia (Rebirth) – DPS
  • Aura (Calamity) – DPS
  • Kay (Gunslinger) – DPS/support
  • Marilu (The Undaunted) – DPS
  • Nonna (Lightning Rider) – DPS/control
  • Shalimar (Flourish Weaver) – support/control


Balance of strengths and weakness.

  • Abelia (Liberator) – DPS/control
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/control
  • Elphus (Kabuki) – DPS/support
  • Evelina (Enlightenment) – support
  • Ingrid (Bloodthirst) – DPS/support
  • Jacqueline (Eccentric Inventor) – DPS/control
  • Lucianna (Vedomosti) – DPS/control
  • Zoe (Truthseeker) – DPS/control


Not worth your focus.

  • Drusilla (Prosperity) – support
  • Draco (Blazewind) – DPS
  • Matina (Conflagration) – support
  • Noach (Scrutiny of Flesh) – DPS/support
  • Rufina (Gospel of Esther) support/control
  • Sylwia (Eurythmics) support/control
  • Svetlana (Lamentation) support/control

Seven Mortal Sins XTasy Reroll Guide: How to Reroll Characters

  1. Launch Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy on your Device using a Guest Account
  2. Complete the tutorial (skip the cutscenes if you want to make it faster)
  3. Claim the premium currency and Awaker Scrolls to use it to roll in the banners from the Mail, mission and quest rewards, or any other place you can find
  4. If you are happy with the results > Set your nickname and bind the account to an email address
  5. If you are not happy with the results the method changes depending on whether you use Android or iOS

Android Reroll

On the login screen tap on My Account and then Account Settings. Proceed with Switch Account, and hit confirm, then repeat the first 4 steps.

iOS Reroll

Try the Android method first, but if it doesn’t work just reinstall the game, then repeat the first 4 steps.

Thankfully, they make the reroll fairly easy and intuitive, which is always good. Just follow this Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy tier list and you will have the loveliest and deadliest summons on your side.

This tier list will be updated so check back regularly.

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