Sea of Thieves gamers are complaining about how lengthy Milestone progress takes

Image through Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Season 7 of Sea of Thieves has lastly dropped anchor on PC and Xbox, bringing with it numerous new options together with Captaincy, Sovereigns, and a brand new development system often known as Milestones. This latter addition options teams of duties that aspiring pirates can accomplish so as to unlock new beauty gadgets for his or her shiny new ships. However, many locally have taken umbrage with the brand new system, decrying it as “grindy” and “tedious.”

Over on the r/Seaofthieves subreddit, a number of gamers have created threads expressing their dissatisfaction with Milestones and the way in which they’ve been applied. A standard thread has been annoyance that any contributions in the direction of totals — say, variety of occasions killed or amount of cash earned from sure kinds of missions — made earlier than the Season 7 update don’t rely in the direction of Milestone progress. Others, like customers RickDII and KoendertNL, take problem with the content material of the achievements, suggesting that getting rewarded for spending 100 hours on fireplace or asleep is disincentivizing gamers from truly…enjoying the game.

Another criticism doing the rounds is a notion that Rare is “completely ignor[ing]” the PvP parts of Sea of Thieves, as claimed by person boyawsome876. Between the noticeable absence of Milestones involved with different gamers killed and ships sunk, many gamers really feel like Rare is making an attempt to undersell PvP, which is a key factor of the game for some. However, contemplating the current balancing updates to PvP in Sea of Thieves, it’s exhausting to argue that Rare has no curiosity in any respect in it.

All in all, whereas it’s comprehensible that there are those that is perhaps upset in “absolutely unreasonable” Milestones, it’s clear that Rare is intending them to be a really long-term addition to the game. While there are those that could discover it grindy or dissatisfying, it’s a system designed to increase the longevity of the game for years to come back, as these Milestone numbers slowly however absolutely tick satisfyingly upwards. The PvP tweaks, too — in addition to the notable absence a PvP-focused Milestone Alignment — appear designed to create a nicer atmosphere for brand new and solo gamers, making certain their long-term curiosity within the game.