Cyclizar, a pokemon with a wheel on its chest

Image through The Pokémon Company

During the closing ceremony of the 2022 Pokémon World Championship, Game Freak unveiled a brand new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet exhibiting off just a few of the game’s new battle mechanics, together with a primary take a look at a complete new Pokémon: the Dragon/Normal sort Cyclizar. Like Koraidon and Miraidon — Scarlet and Violet’s mascot legendary Pokémon — Cyclizar additionally boasts a motorcycle-like aesthetic, most noticeable via the wheel protruding out of its chest.

The trailer additionally confirmed Cyclizar utilizing the “Shed Tail” move — a way not seen in earlier Pokémon video games. The move lets the Pokémon utilizing it distract its opponent by setting a decoy on the sphere earlier than swapping locations with one other Pokémon within the occasion. While it appears helpful for throwing opposing trainers for a loop, it’ll additionally price the Pokémon utilizing the move about 50% of its HP, in keeping with the trailer.

The trailer additionally confirmed off just a few different objects and talents that appear possible to boost Pokémon battles, together with the Mirror Herb merchandise, which permits Pokémon who eat it to repeat an opponent’s stat will increase acquired in battle. Meanwhile, the newly launched Loaded Dice merchandise makes multi-strike strikes, similar to Fury Swipes or Rock Blast, extra more likely to hit a number of occasions.

Game Freak additionally gave one other take a look at the Terastallizing capability — a brand new capability that enables Pokémon to tackle crystal-like types that see them acquire new varieties and strikes. This capability was first introduced through the Pokémon Presents occasion held earlier this month.

In addition to each new Pokémon and battle mechanics, Scarlet and Violet may even obtain a four-player co-op mode, which is one thing followers have been wanting for fairly a while. As anticipated, some previously-existing Pokémon may even get new regional types, similar to Wooper, whose Paldean type has taken the web by storm.