The new Saints Row launches tomorrow and to date the critiques are decidedly blended. While a lot of the criticism is leveled on the game’s writing and design, the oldsters at Digital Foundry additionally take problem with the game’s tech on next-gen consoles. While Saints Row presents an uncommon variety of visible modes on Xbox Series X and PS5, it appears nearly none of them carry out very properly, and the Xbox Series S model of the game is especially disappointing. You can take a look at Digital Foundry’s full overview beneath, offered you have got round 20 minutes to spare.

As talked about, Saints Row presents a surprisingly in depth array of visible modes on Xbox Series X and PS5 – 5 in whole, with the choice to show ray-traced ambient occlusion on or off in two of them (primarily boosting the variety of modes to seven). Here are your choices…

  • 1080p Max Framerate
  • 1080p Ultra Quality (with RTAO on or off)
  • 1440p High Framerate
  • 1440p High Quality (with RTAO on or off)
  • 2160p 4K

The decision and settings for every mode are the identical throughout Xbox Series X and PS5 and goal 60fps. In an odd move, there isn’t any form of dynamic decision in play, with every mode providing precisely what’s promised on the tin – a locked, native 1080p, 1440p, or 4K picture. Unfortunately, the game’s efficiency is everywhere because of this.

For the 1080p modes, Max Framerate normally sticks the 60fps touchdown, though it may well drop to the mid-to-low 50s throughout sure sections. 1080p Ultra Quality drops to the low 50s extra often, whereas switching on ray tracing will drop you into the 40s – not an amazing consequence for a game operating at solely 1080p. For the 1440p modes, High Framerate drops into the low-to-mid 50s can occur, whereas 1440p High Quality can drop into the 40s or high-30s with RTAO turned on. Finally, 4K mode can drop you all method down into the 20s and requires some fairly hefty sacrifices when it comes to draw distance, shadow high quality, and geometry. Interestingly, whereas the Xbox Series X and PS5 are typically neck-and-neck with RTAO off, the PS5 performs round 5 frames higher on common with it turned on.

On the topic of the Xbox Series S, as we’re more and more seeing from a number of devs, it appears Volition did the naked minimal for the finances console. You solely get one visible mode, the equal of the XSX/PS5 1080p Max Framerate mode, besides there are further clawbacks when it comes to visible high quality and the game can drop into the 30fps vary. So yeah, sorry S homeowners, you get the quick finish once more.

Saints Row launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia tomorrow (August 23).

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