Low Grade fuel in Rust is a resource that you can use to generate electricity and even power vehicles such as cars, boats, and helicopters. In addition, you can even make drugs, furnaces, explosives, ammunition, flamethrowers, fireworks, rockets, and more. As you can see, it is a very important resource, and this guide will explain how to get Low Grade fuel in Rust.

There are many different ways to get Low Grade Fuel in Rust:

Check the Red Barrels near roads in Junk Piles: Whenever you see the red oil barrels while exploring, don’t forget to loot them to obtain Low Grade Fuel.

Craft it with Animal Fat and Cloth: In the crafting screen, low grade fuel can be crafted by combining animal fat with cloth. You need 3x animal fat and 1x cloth to create 4 low grade fuel.

Get them from Mine Crates: From mining crates and carts, you can get some low grade fuel which can be found in caves.

Buy it at the Outpost Monument: If you purchase this, then you can get low grade fuel from the Outpost.

Refine Crude Oil in a Small Oil Refinery: One Crude Oil will turn into 3 Low-Grade Fuel. You can achieve this through a refinery and a fire under it. At Dome or Airfield monuments, you will find refinery on site but in addition, you can head to the Outpost monument where there’s a refinery.

Get it in the Supply Drop: There’s a 10% chance of obtaining 35 to 105 Low Grade Fuel but then again, this isn’t a viable option.

Low-grade fuel is not as common as stone or metal, so many times you only need to make it. But don’t forget that you can find it in the items you looted, such as oil lamps, chain saws, etc.