Fans now have a release window for the console version of Rust, a multiplayer survival game that is characterized by conflicts between Player-Versus-Environment, and Player-Versus-Player on procedurally generated maps. As the potential threats in the game increase, Rust players may consider viewing this “Harbor Puzzle Guide” so that they can upgrade to higher-level puzzles more effectively.

Harbors are a type of Monument (similar to what gamers think of as a “dungeon”) in Rust that provides newly spawned players which provides an ideal place for newly born players to loot, recover and sometimes distill crude oil into low fuel quality. In addition, each Harbor has a problem that can provide fans with valuable resources to survive in the environment of Rust (the most suitable online open world game for PC).

There are two types of Harbor, large and small, and each Harbor contains a green puzzle area. This is the lowest of the three puzzle levels. They require a green key card (which can be found on the desk and inside the level 0 monument) and an electric fuse.

The mystery of the small Harbor is located in a two-story building. The building can be identified by a two-story railing reinforced with sandbags. When the player faces the water, it can be found on the right side of the port. After entering from the ground door, the player must find an open, sparkling fuse box and insert its electronic fuse into it.

There is a switch nearby, and the player must activate this switch to unlock the door on the second floor. The player must leave the room, climb the nearby stairs, and slide the green card into the access panel next to the door on the second floor.

Players can find puzzle for the Large Harbor by finding a small room located near the dock, in front of the small Harbor and on the other side of the chainlink fencing that borders the train tracks. The player must hit the wooden barrier with stones or tools to destroy the obstacles entering the room. The obstacle may have been destroyed by another player, so the player should remain vigilant. If fans want to focus on the puzzle with fewer distractions, Rust now has a mode for casual players.

Similar to the small Harbor puzzle, the player needs to find the fuse box, insert the electrical fuse, and then flip the switch. However, in the large Harbor, the switch is located on the exterior wall of the building, “behind” the fuse box inside.

Another difference from the smaller puzzles is that this puzzle requires players to run to a secondary locaion. On the Harbor, under the hanger, there is a small room hidden between the bulk liquid transport containers; the player can easily track it along the wires from the switch to the green card access panel. Players should note that the electrical fuse has a drop timer. Once exhausted, the circuit between the switch and the access panel will break, causing the door to close.

Once players enter the green puzzle area of Harbor, Large or Small, they will find blue key cards that can be used for higher-tiered monuments and loot boxes. The Harbor has no radiation and has high defense capabilities. Therefore, after completing the puzzle, the newly spawned player can spend some time to conduct a thorough search. One of the mistakes everyone seems to make when playing Rust is ignoring the game’s building mechanics, so players are encouraged to recycle unwanted items before leaving.