Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5

You will discover the necessity to unlock cooking while playing Rune Factory 5. Because this is an RPG, there will be numerous times when you will run out of stamina. To top it all off, this is a real-time game rather than a turn-based one. As a result, you will be in need of nourishment. What better way to get your hands on some food than to cook it yourself? So, in this article, we’ll look at how to unlock cooking in RF5.

rune factory 5 unlock cooking

Cooking may be unlocked by passing the licencing test and purchasing the Cooking table from Studio Palmo. The specific steps are outlined below.

  1. Go to the Rigbarth outpost and talk to Saint Eliza.
  2. Here you will have to select a license.
  3. Start by taking the Culinary License test, it will cost you 200p.
  4. In the test, you will have to answer some basic questions.
  5. This license will allow you to get the Cooking Table. You can get it from Studio Palmo.

How to Learn different Cooking Recipes

There is are two ways to unlock recipes.

  • Trying Different Ingredients: Combining and mixing different ingredients is one way to unlock cooking recipes in this game.
  • Buying Bread: Bread can best be described as an in-game mechanism. You will discover a recipe based on the sort of bread you consume. So, if you eat Culinary Bread, you will learn a variety of cooking recipes.