Rumbleverse is one of the most hype battle royales on the market! With origins in fighting game mechanics and an explosive one-vs-one feel, it is a surprise hit among fans and viewers alike. With Season 2 being out for some time now, everyone’s wondering what the plans are for this punching pile of players! Fans of the game might be wondering if Rumbleverse is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Having this insane game on the fly is such a great prospect! So, where is this high-flying game?

Is Rumbleverse Coming To Nintendo Switch?

As of the writing of this article, Rumbleverse is not available on the Nintendo Switch and is not coming to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. Iron Galaxy has said that it has no plans to release the game on anything other than the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, which the game is currently on. But, that’s not to say it could never come to the Switch.

There are some signs that it would work well as a Nintendo Switch games. Rumbleverse is free-to-play on the consoles that it is currently on, including the Epic Games store. It uses a similar Battle Pass system to Fortnite, so most of its money comes from cosmetics and in-game purchases. In addition, it has impressive crossplay between the consoles that it is on. This is a good sign that the developers are quite competent at inter-platform game development.

One big hurdle is Fortnite. While Fortnite is valid proof that the Battle Royale genre works on the Nintendo Switch, it is also a huge competitor for Rumbleverse to try and muscle in on. That being said, this might also be a good thing. Epic Games has already put multiple exclusives onto the Nintendo Switch. Whose to say that one more isn’t possible?

Don’t lose faith that we will be getting Rumbleverse onto Nintendo’s handheld console in the future. However, right now, there is no concrete evidence to back up your faith.

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