Theme park administration sim and vomit-soaked hellscape creation software RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 has performed host to some actual horrorshows. Streamer Marcel Vos is chargeable for lots of them, having constructed record-setting tracks just like the nightmarish one which takes 12 actual years to finish. His newest work places that in perspective: it takes over three quinvigintillion years to finish. A quinvigintillion is a one with 78 zeros after it.

Vos calls it the Universe Coaster, and it isn’t precisely a thrill a minute. As his 14-minute video explains, through Kotaku, it begins with a looping coaster that runs alongside an extended, spiral monitor at a velocity of a few kilometer per hour. The monitor ends in nothing, although there’s a ornamental skeleton in a high hat, however the coaster would not crash at this useless finish.

Due to a slight incline cleverly positioned at first of the monitor, which the coaster reverses onto earlier than it descends, RCT2 acts as if the coaster nonetheless has a winch connected when it reaches the useless finish, because it should have needed to again up that incline. It isn’t solely prevented from crashing by this invisible winch, however pulled all the best way again alongside the monitor by it on the slowest velocity attainable.

That is just the start, as Vos explains. I admit that sooner or later through the subsequent rationalization of how the Wild Mouse coasters synchronize with one another in his setup my mind melted, slid out of my earhole, and now lives on a farm within the nation where it could play with all the opposite brains as a lot because it needs. You may have to observe his video to see the way it works.

Due to the modifications in OpenRCT2, the open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, it is attainable to make tracks which can be even longer than this. Vos set himself the problem of creating a monitor that might be suitable with the older vanilla and traditional variations of RCT2, nonetheless, and succeeded. You possibly can download a model of the Universe Coaster that runs in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, in addition to one which runs in a customized construct of OpenRCT2. I am undecided why you’d need to, however you’ll be able to.