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Rogue Company gives no scarcity of distinctive characters to play as by way of its gallery of Rogues. With many skills, weapons, and particular jobs each does, there’s at all times somebody new to play as and unlock the probabilities of. One of these nice characters is Gl1tch, a hacker from the Breach class of Rogues. His hacking skills could make him an crucial asset for a group to achieve battle. Today, we’ll clarify the way to play as him and focus on his skills.

Rogue Company Gl1tch Perks
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As gl1tch is a hacker, gamers are going to actually need to use him tactically. He’s truly fairly fast and difficult as nicely which works splendidly together with his capability of Hack. It can establish close by enemy devices, jams radar, destroys devices, and even inhibit enemy skills or gadget use. Using him to get across the battlefield and completely disrupt the opposite group proves invaluable when it comes all the way down to all of it. His Passive Ability, Intuition, makes it so that he’s at all times in a position to see enemy tools on his personal, even by way of partitions.

As far as his weapons go, Gl1tch has entry to the SKL-6 Shotgun and the LMP-X SMG. Deciding on which one you’re going to need to use is admittedly as much as how snug you’re with both kind of gun. I personally go together with the SKL-6 as my alternative for close-quarters fight. His Executioner pistol is an attractive secondary and works fairly nicely in long-range conditions and has nice harm. Additionally, He has a Baseball Bat as a Melee Weapon and for Gadgets, a Flashbang and Semtex. I usually take the Bat and the Flashbang once I play as him.

Gl1tch has a lot of helpful Perks however there are a choose few I acquired to ASAP. Firstly, I’m going for Energized which recharges his capability 15% quicker and Tracker Rounds as these enemies to all the group for two seconds after being hit. Then, I’m going for Padded Steps which silences footsteps when not sprinting, Armor which grants Gl1tch 50 armor, and Tenacity which reduces each melee and explosive harm he takes by 40%.

Again, relating to enjoying as Gl1tch you’re going to need to move round your group’s place and reveal what secrets and techniques the enemy group has in addition to disrupt them fairly a bit. I usually don’t stray too removed from my group in order that we’re all in shut proximity. Gl1tch’s weapons are additionally centered on close-quarters so this technique ensures you gained’t die lots both.

That’s all there may be to know when enjoying as Gl1tch in Rogue Company! Now the secrets and techniques so get on the market and win some matches!

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