Uncover the energy behind each character in Roblox Anime Mania

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Roblox Anime Mania is likely one of the hottest video games out straight away. In which gamers get to decide on between numerous anime characters and filter waves of enemies themed after totally different anime’s. Along the way in which, gamers will start to unlock new characters in addition to talents.

It’s a aggressive game that’s turn into extremely widespread as of late. However, since gathering and levelling up characters is such a pivotal a part of the game, understanding that are finest is the primary key to success.

Here’s an official tier record rating all the characters in Roblox Anime Mania.

Roblox Anime Mania is full of tons of characters, every of which carries a special rarity stage. Including legendary, legendary, uncommon, unusual and customary. These are used to point how typically one can discover stated character in Roblox Anime Mania.

So, the next tier record is a rating of all of the characters within the game, together with their rarity stage, from finest to worst. Based on the character’s combating talents, particular strikes and general energy.

Tier S Characters

  • Adult Gone (Mythical)
  • Ascension (Mythical)
  • Ashura (Mythical)
  • Dreamer (Mythical)
  • God Speed (Mythical)
  • Indra (Mythical)
  • Joenie (Mythical)
  • Majority For Individual (Mythical)
  • Mudra Six Sage (Mythical)
  • Nazaka (Mythical)
  • Pink Son Monkey (Mythical)
  • Prime White Bear (Mythical)
  • Sleepy Joe (Mythical)
  • Tengoku (Mythical)

Tier A Characters

  • All Mighty (Legendary)
  • Child Boo (Legendary)
  • Hawkme (Legendary
  • Hell Flame (Legendary)
  • Humorous Valentine (Legendary)
  • Husirama (Legendary)
  • Kuramika (Legendary)
  • Lezuko (Legendary)
  • Masta (Legendary)
  • Misoka (Legendary)
  • Mudra (Legendary)
  • Nil (Legendary)
  • Nojo (Legendary)
  • Trolly (Legendary)
  • Wise Sage (Legendary)
  • Yoshi Kira (Legendary)
  • Zarkk (Legendary)

Tier B Characters

  • Akita (Rare)
  • Awakened Hitachi (Legendary)
  • Gucci (Legendary)
  • Hauled Over (Legendary)
  • Kentachi (Legendary)
  • Komodura (Rare)
  • Mochi Master (Legendary)
  • Phoenix (Legendary)
  • Pisuke (Legendary)
  • Stagger (Legendary)
  • Takashi (Legendary)
  • Thunder God (Legendary)
  • Tonoki (Legendary)
  • White Bear (Legendary)
  • Zakainu (Legendary)

Tier C Characters

  • Alligator (Rare)
  • Coolnareff (Rare)
  • DEUS (Legendary)
  • Freezing Inferno (Legendary)
  • Gil Gio (Rare)
  • Hanks (Legendary)
  • Joenie (Rare)
  • Joesuke (Rare)
  • Lace (Legendary)
  • Minatoes (Legendary)
  • Riyuu (Legendary)
  • Slug Sage (Legendary)
  • Tamamato (Legendary)
  • Weather Reporter (Legendary)

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Tier D Characters

  • Atika (Rare)
  • Cold Fire (Rare)
  • Concentrated Maputo (Rare)
  • Future Hogan (Rare)
  • Gone (Rare)
  • Grimmjoe (Rare)
  • Hitachi (Rare)
  • Kakugan (Rare)
  • Melidass (Rare)
  • Shinjo (Rare)
  • Tangerine (Rare)
  • Zipper Expert (Rare)
  • Zyakura (Rare)

Tier E Characters

  • Bahrain Echigo (Uncommon)
  • Cog 2nd Fluffly (Uncommon)
  • Fuffly (Common)
  • Godalomia (Uncommon)
  • Jon (Rare)
  • Lad Unhinged (Rare)
  • Scaredy Joe (Uncommon)
  • Smogger (Rare)
  • Son Monkey (Common)
  • Tojaro Puzo (Rare)
  • TS Fluffly (Rare)
  • Visoorded Echigo (Rare)

Tier F Characters

  • Deku (Uncommon)
  • Echigo (Common)
  • Kid Maruto (Common)
  • Kid Sakaki (Common)
  • Lad (Common)
  • Laser Belly (Uncommon)
  • Maruto (Uncommon)
  • Puryuu (Common)
  • Sakaki (Uncommon)
  • Som Monkey SSJ (Uncommon)
  • Tanji (Common)
  • Teen Maruto (Uncommon)
  • Teen Sakaki (Uncommon)
  • Trashura (Common)
  • Tukia (Uncommon)
  • Wami (Common)
  • Zolo (Uncommon)

That concludes our tier record of all of the Roblox Anime Mania characters. Before you go, don’t overlook to take a look at a few of our different Roblox content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like the Roblox Driving Simulator codes or the Roblox Arch Piece codes.