Streamer Pointcrow has received gold for conceiving of the daftest technique to play Elden Ring. FromSoft’s magnum opus is an open world of remarkable scale and grandeur, an imposing achievement within the fantasy style and PCG’s game of the yr in 2022. Pointcrow has engineered a setup whereby this feat of human creativeness and engineering could be performed by a goldfish (first noticed by GamesRadar+).

It is Pointcrow’s personal pet goldfish, which matches by the title of Tortellini. To take care of the elephant within the room earlier than we get onto the fish, it clearly can’t be stated that Tortellini is ‘taking part in’ Elden Ring in any significant means. Sorry to say this however goldfish usually are not famous for his or her brains, persona, reminiscence, or twitch reflexes.

As an alternative consider Tortellini as one thing of an unintended conductor. Pointcrow has, by briefly emptying the tank of pointless visible distractions, linked up Tortellini’s actions to a grid that maps them and, relying on the fish’s place within the tank, triggers a management enter or a sequence of management inputs. So Tortellini swims, and the Tarnished swings. 

Pah, what’s a goldfish going to do towards Malenia, I hear you scoff. Nicely higher than numerous us, it seems. Pointcrow’s completed a few streams over latest days showcasing the fish’s progress, the total VODs are on Twitch, and it has now someway managed to beat Malenia’s first section.

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I imply, the fish did higher than I did. The large query right here is how automated the entire setup is, and whether or not what we’re seeing is actually the fish’s random actions translating into the on-screen motion, or whether or not there’s a complete different layer of automation stitching collectively the prompts into helpful pre-defined units of instructions. Pointcrow’s personal rationalization is a bit of fuzzy, although he does promise a video explaining the setup quickly.

Beating Elden Ring in weird methods has virtually turn out to be the metagame. The goldfish joins an extended checklist of bonkers challenges, together with the lady who beat Elden Ring along with her thoughts, a dude whacking demigods through the medium of a Bop-It, somebody strumming Margit to demise with an acoustic guitar, and somebody taking out Malenia at soul stage 1 with a goddamn dance pad. What’s subsequent, fleas?