Games can be creative with how they celebrate the holiday season, whether it’s requested or not. Such is the case for Goat Simulator 3 which is showing its holiday spirit with a related update. Going full into the Christmas occasion, the game is receiving a huge bag of additional content. In addition to being a very sizable update, it’s also completely free! Good news, then, as it’s possible to start celebrating the holiday with the top video game goat right now.

Goat Simulator 3 Christmas Update

The folks at Coffee Stain North possibly had too much caffeine when they came up with the wacky concept for Goat Simulator. The rest is history, of course, because the game launched to stardom in 2014. Eight years later and Goat Simulator 3 has recently appeared on the charts and is introducing a big holiday update. Comically called the “Mandatory Holiday update”, it was released this week for all players to download for free. The update introduces a number of Christmas-related content, with new vanity gear taking center stage to dress up the nameless goat. As described by NME, the update also includes new items for players to pick up and also comes with some Hannukah-themed elements.

Distinct thoughts come to mind with the words Goat Simulator, but not the ones that the game was thinking. You control a goat that is both restrained and unrestrained by the laws of physics. Players have multiple open-world areas in which to run around at top speed while ramming objects and NPCs into the horizon. They also have a surprisingly long and sticky tongue which acts as a grappling hook. Each new game has introduced new maps, game modes, costumes, assets. Plus, there are all kinds of tools for the goat to unleash upon the simulated world.

There’s no shortage of holiday games, but many would prefer to enjoy the season with other titles. One option is the free “Mandatory Holiday update” for Goat Simulator 3 which is available to enjoy right now.

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