I really miss the times after I thought Half-Life 3 was being labored on in secret, launch was simply across the nook, and if solely we web sleuths may unscramble Valve’s copious hints we’d remedy The Thriller and be again within the arms of Gordon. It was one thing to imagine in. Now I am previous, weary, the psychological scars are an excessive amount of, I can not hold out hope any m… wait there is a Half-Life reference in Valve’s model new Counter-Strike 2?!?

Yep: Valve’s determined to tease us all once more. Noticed by youtuber and Valve specialist RichterOvertime, the Easter Egg is discovered on the twin Berettas that may be purchased in Counter-Strike’s pistols menu.

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The lettering on the barrel reads “PIETA BARDOTTA. GORDON. F. MADE IN ITALY”. The primary two phrases are an intentional misspelling of the identify Pietro Beretta, in tribute to the Italian weapon producer Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta. However we’re not desirous about that!

Gordon F[reeman]. Now there is a identify I have never heard because the final Half-Life 3 hearsay. Amazingly sufficient there’s even a extra direct hyperlink to Half-Life with this explicit weapon mannequin: Gordon by no means used a Beretta in Half-Life or the sequel, however the excessive definition mannequin pack for the unique changed the Glock with the Beretta 92FS. So when you had been questioning why there are many people in Richter’s replies saying “HD TEXTURE PACK CONFIRMED CANON”, now you understand.

I suppose, technically, this Easter Egg additionally makes it canon that Counter-Strike and Half-Life happen in the identical universe. Which makes you surprise why humanity ended up counting on a beardy physicist with a crowbar to struggle off the Mix reasonably than an elite squad of Counter-Terrorists. Wait… are they the Mix troopers?!? Down the rabbithole comrades…

It is a good nod. Who is aware of what if something is occurring with Half-Life. I’ll hold on to my pet principle that, on the day Gabe Newell pronounces his retirement, Valve will launch the Orange Field 2, by which each game ends with the quantity 3: Half-Life 3, Left4Dead 3, Portal 3, Group Fortress 3, Counter-Strike 3, Dota 3. Hey, a free man can dream.