Since the in-game description is quite mysterious, when you first get it in Selene’s adventure, the astronaut figure seems pointless. The description only reads as “personal item. It doesn’t want to let you go.” In this guide, we will explain the role of the astronaut figure in Returnal and how to get one of them in each run of Atropos.

As long as it’s in your ‘Equipment’ the astronaut figure can give you a second life. Usually when you die in Returnal, it will show a short cutscene, then you will be sent back to Helios and the progress will be reset. After owning the astronaut figure, you will immediately regain health and possess all weapons, parasites, and artifacts.

This makes the Returnal Astronaut figure one of the best items to carry before the boss fight, because it essentially doubles the damage you can take before dying and being sent back to your starting point.

300 Obolites are necessary for Astronaut Statues to be purchased from the manufacturer. We highly recommend that you buy one every time you see a product for sale, because they are very helpful in getting through the last stages of an annoying boss fight and saving your work time.

If you don’t have any additional Obolites, we recommend using the Obolite repository to convert any Ether that leads to this currency so that you can buy one. Now that you know what the return astronaut figure will do, you should buy it as long as you have Obolites.

This is a very valuable price and can help you move into the next biome you have been working on.