Within the golden age of the RTS we thought that FMV cutscenes have been actually cool and enjoyable. Then, in a while, we determined they have been very dangerous and made us cringe. Now we have now come full circle and notice that they’re good, really.

Thus we obtain as a present from old-school technique writer MicroProse a recent and delightful new single-player retro-RTS by developer Sarnayer, full with cornball dwell motion FMV cutscenes that I can already inform are going to be horrible however in a great way.

The game guarantees to have you ever combat via a journey in a post-apocalyptic world where you will construct a base, collect assets, and battle hordes of zombies and likewise what seems to be a swarm of actually large burrowing earthworms. It is that distinctly late-90s Command and Conquer pixel aesthetic that basically sells it for me, as a result of that together with the FMV simply pushes a really particular, very interesting button in my mind.

“In Dying Breed, gamers will combat evil arch-enemies, zombies, and encounter retro-futuristic applied sciences. The game options fast-paced motion, traditional RTS mechanics, and encourages gamers to be each crafty and sneaky when vital,” mentioned writer MicroProse in a press launch. It will be set in a world “crammed with shiny power minerals, underground monsters, and warring factions.”

As displayed within the trailer, which is generally troopers blowing up zombies and worms with a pair actually dorky FMV bits, the game guarantees to have a wild ’90s electro-metal soundtrack. Once more, these are good issues to me. It will be a direct and trustworthy love letter to 90s RTS video games like we have not had outdoors of the modding scene in years.

Yow will discover Dying Breed on Steam. It is the debut game by studio Sarnayer and will probably be printed by the fashionable incarnation of MicroProse Software program.