Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

There are many areas to unlock and discover in Resident Evil Village. To save time, here are all the security codes and door lock combinations in Resident Evil 8. You can use these combinations and passwords to gain access.

Players can use the six-digit code each time to open the Resident Evil 8 Village padlocks. Tips or clues will appear nearby, but if you can’t find it or want to save time, it’s here. You must use a password or password to unlock a total of 3 locks.

With the help of these security codes and door lock combinations, you will be able to unlock more secrets and progress quickly in the game.

Resident Evil Village Workshop Code Clue

There will be a picture near the safe in the Workshop area which says ‘look out the window’. When yo do so, you will see the numbers on the broken window frame and the numbers outside. Just line them up.

The Workshop Safe Code in the Village 1F is 070408.

Resident Evil Village Maestro’s Collection Safe Code Clue

For the Maestro’s Collection combination, the clue appear in a drawing. When you see a note with “I’ll never forget her fifth birthday.” Look for the child’s photo in another room dated 27-09-17. This is your combination.

The Maestro’s Collection Safe Code (Luthier’s House, Village 1F) is 270917.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento – Doll Workshop Padlock Combination Clue

When you get to House Beneviento, you will need a code for the Doll Workshop puzzle. First, lift the bloody ring off the doll’s left finger. Next, get the silver key from the doll’s right shoulder. Use it to unlock the room where the sink can be found. Wash the ring, it will turn into a wedding ring, where you will get the code.

The Beneviento House Door Combination is 052911.