Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

“Resident Evil Village” isn’t just about shooting werewolves, vampires, and all the other creepy creatures. Ethan can also take a moment to save Rose and cook with Duke. In this “Resident Evil Village” guide, we will take you step by step to find all the ingredients for cooking.

These different “Resident Evil Village” cooking ingredients in the game can be delivered to Duke and spent on some delicious meals. These meals provide permanent benefits for Ethan, for example increasing his health, reducing damage taken during blocks, or increasing movement speed.

Resident Evil Village Cooking Ingredients

  • Fish – Often found in shallow water throughout the game.
  • Finest Fish – When sailing upstream, kill the yellow fish in the dock pond. This can only be accomplished after lowering the drawbridge at the ceremony site.
  • Quality Meat – It is obtained by killing the albino pig next to the well near Luiza’s house.
  • Juicy Game – It can only be obtained from the blue birds found in the trees in the village cemetery on the left side of the church. Shoot that bird and collect the juicy game when it falls to the ground.
  • Meat – Can be found by killing pigs or goats marked by a Goat icon on your map. They are quite a lot.
  • Poultry – Obtained by killing regular chickens found wherever there are chicken markings on the map.

Resident Evil Village Dukes kitchen Recipes

Herbed FishHealth slightly increasesFish x3, Poultry x2
Bird and Beast PilafDamage taken when guarding decreasesPoultry x4, Meat x1
Three-Flavored MititeiIncreases healthFish x4, Poultry x2
Tochitura de PuiHealth greatly increases.Poultry x4, Meat x3, Juicy Game x1
Ciorba de PorcDamage taken when guarding greatly decreasesFish x1, Meat x5, Quality Meat x1
Sarmale de PesteMovement speed increasesFish x6, Finest Fish x1