REPO MAN is an intriguing first-person immersive simulation game from Achara Studios, an unbiased crew from Poland. The game was really introduced in 2019, however at the moment, the venture was within the arms of Baldur Video games.

The re-reveal trailer printed final Friday appears to be like much more fascinating, although. What’s the identical is the title and the core idea – gamers will change into debt collectors, however there’s way more to it than that.

The primary character of REPO MAN, Arthur Newstead, is a self-professed ‘noir man in a world of solar and neon’. His profession is damaged, his spouse has left him for another person, and his father simply died, leaving him in a debt of 15 million.

Arthur strikes again to his hometown of San Alma, a colonial metropolis that is rotten to the core, along with his classic automobile. He is prepared to begin gathering, however how to take action will totally be as much as the participant, in accordance with the builders of REPO MAN.

Will you pity the poor – and pay the worth? Will you leverage the weak – and change into essentially the most hated man on the town? Will you comply with the letter of the legislation, search accord, plot, and steal – or resort to violence? Will you destroy an excellent man to convey down an evil one? Will you select a stranger’s little one over your individual daughter? Argue and outsmart, exploit smooth spots, inject concepts – all with performs represented by playing cards you gather over your journey, in a game of negotiation where you pit deception in opposition to belief, mercy in opposition to detachment, ridicule in opposition to worry.

Hunt down your debtors of their properties, flush them out of their hideouts and ambush them at their favorite bar. Work your job by daylight and strike shady offers at evening.

Enter the premises, take stock, appraise the belongings – then declare them for the workplace or pocket and promote them to your felony contacts. Attempt to inform the nugatory baubles from the property as you wrest them out of your debtors. Put up residences, boats, and full buildings for public sale and promote them to the very best bidder.

Artwork Noveau impressed the world itself, which additionally consists of the Fae, a civilization far older than humankind that’s primarily fashioned of drifters now that magic is gone. Fight can be out there within the game, although the builders warn Arthur’s foes could also be much better expert on this space.

The overhauled REPO MAN was pitched by Achara Studios earlier this yr, so the discharge date is likely to be far off sooner or later. We’ll actually keep watch over it, at any fee.