Our preliminary impression of Redfall, the subsequent game from Dishonored studio Arkane, was that it is a Left 4 Useless-style shooter that swaps out zombies for vampires. In a brand new interview with GamesRadar, nevertheless, artistic director Ricardo Naked and studio director Harvey Smith stated that is actually not an correct evaluation.

“It’s very comprehensible for any person to return to that conclusion,” Naked stated. “There are 4 playable characters, you’ll be able to play collectively cooperatively, and you are going towards the undead. However, when it comes to the way in which that you simply play and expertise Redfall, it isn’t like these video games in any respect. Redfall is extra like loading into Far Cry.”

At its core, Left 4 Useless and different video games prefer it—Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Deep Rock Galactic, and Turtle Rock Studios’ L4D religious successor Again 4 Blood—are a frantic race by means of a collection of linear ranges full of hordes of “contaminated” of varied types. The one objective is survival, and pace and effectivity are paramount. Redfall, alternatively, is ready in an open world, and provides each story-driven missions and immersive sim-style exploration.

“You are in a big-ass open world,” Naked stated. “We have now a house base where you’ll be able to discuss to NPCs and get aspect quests. You’ll be able to go to the mission desk and choose up story-driven missions. Or you cannot give a shit about any of that and simply head exterior, choose a path, begin hauling ass, and run into the dwelling world stuff that we now have occurring.”

“Large-ass open world” is a relative factor: Redfall will presumably be bigger than, say, Deathloop’s Blackreef or Prey’s Talos 1, however doubtless a lot smaller than these of Ubisoft’s Far Cry video games. However the smaller scale will hopefully enable for a denser and extra fascinating game world, and is counterbalanced considerably by the truth that Redfall is not going to have autos.

“Redfall is an on-foot game—the size and the tempo is a bit slowed down in that respect,” Naked stated. “We wish you creeping by means of a cornfield at night time within the fog, listening to vampires whisper at midnight. Possibly you may spot a farmhouse within the distance and sneak over to it, solely to seek out that it is stuffed with cultists and some trapped survivors who it can save you. That is the form of vibe that Redfall has.”

In all honesty, I am a bit iffy on Redfall. Not as a result of I do not like shooters (though the Left 4 Useless collection by no means did a lot for me) however as a result of Arkane is wasted on them. It ought to be making new and higher immersive sims (for heaven’s sake, I’ve waited lengthy sufficient for Arx Fatalis 2), not attempting to seize the magic of Turtle Rock or Ubisoft. This interview has me a bit extra considering it: I am nonetheless not fully offered, however I am open to being satisfied.

“Redfall generally looks like what you’d get in case you blended the Arkane artistic values with Far Cry 2 or Stalker,” Smith stated. “That is the form of factor that we now have wished to do for a very long time.”

Redfall nonetheless would not have a launch date, however it’s at the moment anticipated to be out someday within the first half of 2023.