Roblox reaper 2 artwork
Image through Roblox Corporation

Reaper 2 is the newest anime combating game set within the Roblox universe. Based on the Bleach anime collection, gamers will combat to guard the dystopian world from varied enemies with the usage of supernatural skills.

Throughout the game, it is possible for you to to finish a number of quests, stage up and acquire new expertise. However, the way you stage up and improve your rating will rely in your race and Shikai. Which is why we’ve created a Reaper 2 tier listing rating all the greatest Shikai and races within the game.

Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List – Best Shikai and Races

If you select to play Reaper 2 as Bleach, you’re going to get to be one among 4 totally different races; Fullbringer, Hollow, Soul Reaper or Quincy. However, if you happen to as a substitute need to grow to be a Soul Reaper, then you’ll have to be taught to grasp totally different Shikai. Which are particular skills you should use to inflict harm in your enemies and stage up within the game.

Before we dive into our Reaper 2 tier listing, it’s necessary to notice that every race and Shikai are comparatively comparable when it comes to effectiveness. Although, there are nonetheless a number of choices which are higher than others when general harm output, survivability, and particular skills.

Without additional ado, right here is our Reaper 2 tier listing rating all the greatest Shikai and races within the game. For races, we have now included their respective means and for Shikai, their rarity stage and assigned characters.

S Tier Shikai and Races

  • Ryujin Jakka (Shikai)
    • Character: Captain Yamamato
    • Rarity: 4% (Legendary)
  • Soul Reaper (Race)
    • As a Soul Reaper you may wield a sword and use the Zanpakuto spirit.

A Tier Shikai and Races

  • Benehime (Shikai)
    • Character: Kisuke
    • Rarity: 12% (Rare)
  • Hollow (Race)
    • As a Hollow you may devour souls and regenerate wholesome quickly.
  • Katen Kyokotsku (Shikai)
    • Character: Captain Shunsui
    • Rarity: 12% (Rare)

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B Tier Shikai and Races

  • Fullbringer (Race)
    • As a Fullbringer you’ll use your fists and the Fullbring means to govern souls.
  • Sakanade (Shikai)
    • Character: Shinji
    • Rarity: 34% (Uncommon)
  • Sode No Shirayuki (Shikai)
    • Character: Rukia
    • Rarity: 34% (Uncommon)

C Tier Shikai and Races

  • Senbonzakura (Shikai)
    • Character: Captain Byakuya
    • Rarity: 12% (Rare)
  • Shinso (Shikai)
    • Character: Captain Gin
    • Rarity: 12% (Rare)
  • Quincy (Race)
    • As a Quincy you should use a sword or a bow to wreak havoc in your enemy.

D Tier Shikai and Races

  • Wabisuki (Shikai)
    • Character: Izuru
    • Rarity: 50% (Common)
  • Zangetsu (Shikai)
    • Character: Ichigo
    • Rarity: 50% (Common)

That concludes our Reaper 2 tier listing rating all the greatest Shikai and races within the game. Before you go, make sure you take a look at a few of our different Reaper 2 content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like easy methods to get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2 or our Reaper 2 map guide.