There was a time when probably the most sophisticated machine in Rainbow Six Siege was an iPad that detects heartbeats. I think about all the CS:GO gamers who bounced off of Siege after getting noticed by way of a wall in 2015 would run for the hills in the event that they knew what was attainable in 2023. Because of Siege’s latest attacker, Brava, you possibly can’t even belief your personal claymores to not kill you.

Working example: this downright absurd clip from Reddit person DansomeWoja, during which they handle to kill an enemy with out ever firing a gun or being in the identical room as them. DansomeWoja, who’s enjoying the defender Mozzie, kills the opposing Brava participant with a drone. Besides the drone itself does not deal the killing blow: Mozzie makes use of it to hack and detonate a claymore. And that drone? It does not even belong to Mozzie. That is really Brava’s drone! 

a_bravas_worst_nightmare from r/Rainbow6

Rainbow Six Siege is wild, I am going to clarify: The brand new piece of equipment Brava brings to Siege is the Kludge drone, a boxy RC automobile with the distinctive means to hack defender devices from a distance and steal them for her group. She will be able to change the allegiance of absolutely anything—cameras, therapeutic bots, traps, even different drones. This alone makes the Kludge an extremely highly effective gadget in principle, however its usefulness depends on driving it by way of a warzone with out catching a bullet (or one thing worse).

The “one thing worse” is where Mozzie is available in. Mozzie is a defender who can ensnare attacker drones with tiny robotic facehuggers to steal them for the defending group. If Mozzie manages to seize one in all Brava’s Kludge drones, he features the often unique-to-Brava energy to change the allegiance of attacker devices, which is strictly what occurred within the clip above:

  1. Brava drives drone into Mozzie’s entice
  2. Mozzie takes over drone
  3. Brava locations claymore whereas she deploys her backup drone
  4. Mozzie finds claymore, hacks it with Brava’s drone
  5. Brava leaves drone view, walks into her personal claymore, and dies

That is my manner of telling you that, as Ubisoft’s star FPS enters its eighth yr with its 67th new operator, it is nonetheless able to surprises. Some days I want for a return to when Siege was a lower-tech tactical shooter and I did not need to take care of its most outlandish devices, like Aruni’s laser gates or Iana’s hologram, however I are inclined to suppose that the extra Siege leans into its gadget-centric meta, the extra distinct its id turns into from the Apex Legends and Valorants of the world (each video games that borrowed closely from Siege in designing their very own rosters). 

I completely love what I’ve seen of Brava up to now and suppose her rivalry with Mozzie will produce extra scrumptious back-and-forths like this one. I think what you’ve got witnessed at present will both make you by no means wish to expertise the cat-and-mouse shadow warfare of Siege’s unarmed infantry or set up the game right away and attempt to recreate this. I am undoubtedly the latter.  

Brava is out there to play right away on the Siege technical check server, however she’ll be part of the roster for actual when Operation Command Pressure begins on March 7.