Battle royales have come a great distance since PUBG’s preliminary launch in 2017, with every new launch making an attempt quality-of-life enhancements to iron out ache factors within the style. Dying in group play has all the time been a design problem: whereas it is enjoyable to cheer in your pals from the sidelines, you will be left twiddling your thumbs whereas they run, gun, and scavenge. 

Apex Legends tackled this sore spot through a respawn beacon, and PUBG is following its instance in update 23.2. Dying containers—self–descriptive containers that drop upon dying—will now comprise Blue Chips on the maps Erangel, Miramar, and Deston.

As soon as you’ve got swiped a Blue Chip, you will have to both take it to a Blue Chip Tower— turbines unfold all through the map—or use a Blue Chip Transmitter, which may be obtained throughout play. Doing so takes 10 seconds, throughout which you will be utterly motionless and weak.

There is no stealthy solution to pull this off: each the tower and transmitter produce a loud noise that may let your enemies know you are attempting to replenish your ranks. The thought is to protect the impression of dying that is core to the battle royale expertise whereas offering a sliver of hope for lone survivors. 

The system has just a few different limitations. Firstly, the Blue Chip system is restricted to bigger maps, because it’s designed to curb irritating early deaths in longer video games. It additionally turns into unavailable after Part 7, so there will be no shock deployments ruining the previous few minutes of a match. Moreover, it is not an instantaneous resurrection, you will have to attend in your pals to drop in at first of a brand new section.

This is not the primary return system PUBG’s tried. Comeback BR, launched in update 12.2, is a map–particular system that drops gamers right into a second area to combat for his or her lives once more, so long as they’ll duke it out for lengthy sufficient. It will nonetheless be current on this update, simply restricted to smaller maps based on the dev assertion: “However why restrict it to Erangel, Miramar, and Deston? Smaller maps have shorter play occasions, making it sooner to start out a brand new game upon dying. And we have determined so as to add the Recall system completely to maps with out the prevailing Comeback BR.”

The patch additionally features a map icon for just lately–exited autos, updates to the Down However Not Out mechanic, and a protracted–awaited clan system with its personal development system and rewards. Update 23.2 is scheduled to drop on  Could 16/17 for PC and Could 24/25 on consoles.