Psychonauts 2
Psychonauts 2

Emotional baggage are luggage items that are found sobbing everywhere on the map; sometimes they are hidden, sometimes they are left open. So what can you do to get these sad suitcases?

To accumulate emotional bags in Psychonauts 2, you ought to find the tag that corresponds with the baggage. which means a suitcase tag will only work for the crying suitcase, the handbag with the handbag, etc. Then, you need to bring the tag to the item and interact with it to match the luggage.

It’s essential to observe that now not all baggage will be able to be obtained immediately, and you can want to return again for them. Emotional baggage is one of the methods for Razputin to rank up over the route of their turning into a Psychonaut and achieving 5 of those gets your a Rank, which gets you new unlocks and upgrade points.

That being stated, don’t worry if you miss the baggage on your first playthrough as a lot of them are hidden and requires skills. Progressing the tale might give you extra skills and you can always come back for them.

Similarly, if you’re having trouble locating portions of luggage Razputin will gain abilities and pins which can be designed to help you locate the previous few gadgets in a world. So, in case you can’t find in first run, there are methods to acquire them in the future!