Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, to survive the armies of the undead, players must gather arsenal of weapons and gadgets. One of such robust and durable weapon is sledgehammer. Read on this guide to find out the sledgehammer location in Project Zomboid.

Due to its immense damage and ability to break down unique blocks and doors, the sledgehammer is greatly sought after. On the downside they are pretty heavy, so the movement is slow with them.

Sledgehammer can be found by raiding crates at West Point’s Industrial areas. It is a time consuming task because you’ll have to dig through numerous crates, but warehouses are your best chance to find this uncommon weapon.

You may visit a tool store in West of Knox Country. A visit to West Point may be an alternative option depending on how much miles you’re ready to put on your car.

In addition to these areas, you may enter survival mode as Sledgehammers are used to close off barricaded residences on occasion, but those possibilities are slim.