EK, producer of water-cooling elements, has caught a display screen on a distro plate for Lian Li’s well-liked O11D XL case. At a whopping 7-inches, this display screen is not going to make for a lot of a second monitor, nevertheless it does proceed an extended pattern of PC producers slapping screens on issues.

I’ll admit the EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D XL D5 PWM D-RGB – Display Version (catchy identify) did catch my eye. Although principally that is as a result of distro plates are completely attractive, display screen or in any other case. A couple of years in the past I constructed an EK Fluid Gaming PC with an EK distro plate very similar to this one (sans display screen) inside the standard-sized Lian Li O11D case, and I usually caught myself simply observing it in awe.

Part of me is slightly unhappy that a few of this explicit distro plate is roofed up by the 7-inch panel, however I am certain some modder will discover a solution to make movement photos part of their construct in spectacular style. Somebody’s obtained to place that compact IPS panel to good use, anyhow.

It is easy sufficient to tweak the 1024 x 600 pixel panel. The EK-Quantum Lumen display screen is attached similar to some other: with an HDMI cable. There’s additionally an inner USB 2.0 connection required to get it up-and-running.

The distro plate itself comes with all of the trimmings you may count on: D5 pump; assist for a CPU block, GPU block, and three radiators; and full RGB lighting across the edge. The 7-inch display screen can be made out of a single piece of aluminium, and should not wreck the commercial look if you happen to’re going for that.

Each this and the screen-less EK-Quantum Reflection² distro block are anticipated to be out there from March, however do put together to pay a tall sum for the good thing about that little 7-inch IPS. The usual plexi distro is €352.86, whereas the Display Version is €504.12. A giant sum for such a tiny panel.

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EK's new distro plate for Lian Li case with a 7-inch screen built-in

(Picture credit score: EK)
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EK's new distro plate for Lian Li case with a 7-inch screen built-in

(Picture credit score: EK)

In fact there is a wider pattern right here of slapping screens on PC {hardware}, and I am going to admit I am unable to at all times get my head round it. A liquid cooler that tells you your CPU temp inside your case? Okay, restricted sensible use relying on where you place your PC, however I get why some may need it. A tiny OLED display screen in your gaming keyboard? Within the realms of excessiveness however I suppose there are some sensible advantages every so often. Now how a couple of display screen constructed into the stand of a gaming monitor?

Truly, that is fairly sufficient now, thanks. And let’s not neglect the facility provide with a display screen on it that completely sums up PC gaming for the absurd passion it’s.