There was a time when Ubisoft appeared outlined extra by whimsical, French comedian e-book weirdness than generic open world blandness. Prince of Persia: The Misplaced Crown seems to be like a throwback to that point, the times of Rayman, Past Good and Evil, or PoP collection excessive water mark, The Sands of Time, and it is the very last thing I anticipated to actually wow me at Summer time Game Fest. However right here it’s:

The brand new Prince concurrently appears like a throwback to Sands of Time’s swashbuckling charmer, whereas additionally having a pleasant punk edge—I say “sure” to undercuts, and “no” to Jake Gyllenhaal lookalikes! The artwork fashion generally jogs my memory of one thing like Star Wars: Rebels or Sea of Thieves: nonetheless very stylized, however form of tactile and grounded in a manner I recognize. 

The Misplaced Crown seems to be prefer it’s taking full benefit of its 2.5D backgrounds as nicely, with an enormous temple complicated stretching into the background of 1 scene, whereas others exhibit weirdly verdant and bucolic nation hills straight out of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze.

The trailer exhibits off motion that jogs my memory most of Metroid Dread, each in how fluid the Prince strikes, and the best way a manticore-like boss simply fills one facet of the display with its scorpion tail snaking above and hanging down the opposite facet. I additionally might have sworn I noticed one thing just like the flash of Dread’s counter indicator.

It is not clear to me whether or not The Misplaced Crown is a metroidvania or extra linear platformer, although it looks like most non-Pizza Tower platformers today fall into the previous class. If The Misplaced Crown can wed Dread’s character motion fight with platforming and exploration that is not by some means concurrently obtuse however painfully linear, I feel it might be an actual winner. To not point out, I would love if it truly is a throwback to the whimsical attraction of Ubisoft platformers previous.

The Misplaced Crown is about to launch January 18, 2024 (presumably nicely earlier than we ever see the now-rebooted Sands of Time Remake), and Ubisoft will exhibit extra of the game at its Ahead livestream on Monday, June 12. 

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PoP gameplay showing off Temple

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Prince with Dagger from Lost Crown

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Prince Hopping on walls from The Lost Crown

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