Pokémon Scarlet and Violet followers already know what number of cities they need within the game

Image through The Pokemon Company

Between fanart and all kinds of fan theories, Pokémon gamers are a passionate bunch. Scarlet and Violet will likely be taking us to a brand new Iberian Peninsula-style setting, and whereas developer Game Freak has but to even inform us the title of the brand new area, the followers already know what they wish to see there.

ResetEra person Magister Xehanort created a ballot on the favored gaming discussion board after Scarlet and Violet’s second trailer revealed a bunch of recent data in regards to the game. “How many of cities and towns do you want in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?” It’s a particular query, however the followers are glad to reply it. As of the time of this writing, simply over 40% of voters need between 5 and 9 within the last journey.

That would truly make it the least dense of the present Pokémon areas — Sun and Moon’s Alola has the least of those areas, at 9. As Magister Xehanort factors out, Black and White’s Unova has greater than some other game, at 20. For probably the most half, those that answered the ballot care extra about high quality than amount. “I’ll take much less in the event that they’re going to be of ‘higher quality city design-wise,” says Jawmuncher. “Too many modern cities would be a mistake,” Glio warns.

The question of Scarlet and Violet being an open-world game also comes up in several responses. This is indeed the direction that Game Freak is taking things with the new versions. That’s why we’ve seen outside Pokémon Centers and four-player multiplayer within the newest trailer. Scarlet and Violet wish to provide large-scale adventures for a number of trainers within the wild.

There’s nonetheless loads of room for hypothesis although. The Past and Future Theory across the game is kind of fascinating, inspecting how the brand new professors and legendary Pokémon play into the theme of various time durations. We have just a few months to go earlier than these theories can actually be examined, as Scarlet and Violet’s launch date is November 18.