Pokémon Go dataminers share uploaded property for Mega Aggron, Banette, Alakazam, and extra legendaries

Image through Niantic

We obtained loads of Pokémon Go Season of Light bulletins at present, breaking down what the following few months will seem like for gamers. However, the group at Niantic stored a couple of issues hidden, similar to upcoming Mega raids and legendary Pokémon gamers may be encountering. The datamining group Pokéminers have shared some newly uploaded Mega type property of Mega Aggron, Banette, And Alakazam, together with the upcoming legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo and Lunala.

The property have been shared earlier this night because the group noticed that a number of Mega Pokémon got stats. These Pokémon embody Aggron, Banette, and Alakazam. These Pokémon could have vital stat boosts of their Mega types, and gamers might want to earn Mega Candy with these Pokémon in the event that they wish to attain this state.

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We don’t know the precise dates of when these Pokémon will arrive, however we’re going to guess Mega Alakazam may be up first for the Psychic Spectacular occasion taking place from September 6 to 12.

The three new megas they added within the final APK have been pushed! Also, Mega Blaziken was half-pushed for some motive. We nonetheless want sprite property for these megas. Check it out! pic.twitter.com/vWb5qzNzAl

— PokeMiners (@poke_miners) August 30, 2022

A a lot bigger asset update was added to Pokémon Go, including a number of Pokémon. There was a line of Pokémon with costumes labeled as “Fall 2022” Costumes, which is able to probably be featured in Pokémon Go’s Fashion Week occasion.

The third line within the asset update options Guzzlord and Kartana, a pair of latest Pokémon that might launch in the course of the Season of Light. Finally, on the backside, we have now Cosmog and Solgaleo. Niantic has confirmed Cosmog to launch this season, however Solgaleo just isn’t but official; however Professor Willow hinted at this legendary Pokémon on the Pokémon Go Fest: Finale quest, supposedly.

Some new Pokemon have been simply added & “Fall 2022” costumes (Kyogre, Registeel and Genesect additionally bought minor updates)

New cries have been additionally added which you’ll hearken to: https://t.co/G5380xHdAs

With this update just about all Pokemon have been up to date so be on wifi once you subsequent reboot. pic.twitter.com/X1OeM7ueFz

— PokeMiners (@poke_miners) August 30, 2022

Guzzlord and Kartana are a pleasing shock as this can be Pokémon many gamers possible will wish to add to their roster, particularly with Guzzlord being a Dragon and Dark-type. Unfortunately, Lunala just isn’t featured in these asset updates however is proven as a shadow in one other with a move listing.

We don’t have any official affirmation on when many of those Pokémon will arrive, however we look ahead to working by way of the Season of Light Special Research to catch Cosmog.