Pokemon is a game about being a trainer of fantastic Monsters and competing against other Trainers to be the best. This has been the Pokemon motto since Generation 1 of Pokemon in 1996. Following then, additional Pokemon titles were released, and at the time of writing, there are 8 Generations and Gen 9 on the horizon. Pokemon has a plethora of typings, 18 to be exact. Each of them has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The Dark Type is one of them. In this tutorial, I’ll go through the Dark Type’s strengths and weaknesses in Pokemon.

dark type weakness pokemon

The Dark Type in Pokemon was launched in Gen 2 together with the Steel Type. It was launched to weaken the facility of the Psychic Type. In its introduction it was given:

  • Dark Type Pokemon Weakness from Gen 1 to Gen 5
    • Bug Type
    • Fighting Type
  • Dark Type Pokemon Weakness from Gen 6 onwards –
    • Bug Type
    • Fighting Type
    • Fairy Type

What is the Dark Type?

As I’ve talked about above, the Dark Type in Pokemon was launched together with the Steel Type to steadiness the over-tuned Psychic Type Pokemon. As of Gen 8, its interactions with different sorts are:

  • Super Effective towards: Ghost Type & Psychic Type.
  • Not Effective towards: Dark Type, Fairy Type, & Fighting Type.
  • Resists towards: Dark Type & Ghost Type.
  • Weak towards: Bug Type, Fairy Type, & Fighting Type.
  • Immune towards: Psychic Type.

Dark Type Pokemons gained in strength as they nearly eliminated all Pure Psychic Types. In turn, they evolved into the fresh new broken type with Dragon Types &. To remedy this, Gen 6 created a totally new kind, the Fairy Type, which is still the most recent Type to be released. The Fairy-Type resists as well as does Super Effective Damage against Dark Types. Currently, the Fairy Type is ideal in Pokemon, while the Dark Type is adequate. The best twin type you may have on the evil side is the Ghost or Fairy Type.