One could argue that the secret to winning in a team game is communication. In competitive gaming, reliable voice chat is a necessity. Although PlayStation has always offered its own chat services, the console has recently introduced Discord voice chat to its system. Being a popular social media platform tailored towards gaming, it seems only logical to want to integrate it into the console’s options. It remains one of the more popular voice chat options among PC users and with cross-play becoming more and more common, having some crossover among social media can make things much more convenient.

PS5 and Discord Voice Chat

Since PlayStation launched a wholly online service with the release of the PS3, it added its own version of social media to go along with it. However, it suffered its fair share of problems and served little purpose when it came to cross-play titles. On this note, PlayStation is decided to make the voice chat option from Discord available on the console.

According to IGN, this is being called “cross-voice” which will become available once users link their PlayStation accounts to their Discord accounts. Despite the big news, Discord voice chat has been available since PS5 entered beta-testing. This latest change means that any PlayStation owner can access it.

There are countless social media platforms competing for attention, but Discord has remained quite consistent since launching in 2012. It was marketed specifically towards gamers coming with built-in features to accommodate screen-sharing and streaming. While voice chat is now a common tool across social media, the Discord version has always been of high quality. It’s meant as an alternative for online gamers to communicate with each other while in-game. Now that the service can be linked to PlayStation directly, most users will likely switch over for future competitive play.

Discord has been primarily used for PC gaming but will now be expanding thanks to the most recent PlayStation update. Now account users will be able to link these accounts together for greater convenience and communication.

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