As developer Beard Envy gears as much as show me Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, I realise I really don’t know what this game is about. I’d been pulled in by the extremely imprecise trailer, touting a surreal kaleidoscopic vibe straight out of Cartoon Network’s renaissance period. 

As an entire sucker for that stuff, I used to be curious but frightened that may be where my curiosity ended. Turns out I had nothing to be frightened about. As if the identify wasn’t a lifeless giveaway, Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop is all about spaceships in some far-flung southern American future, fixing them up and paying hire within the hopes Uncle Chop will not straight-up homicide Wilbur, the standard repairman you play as. He’s a wierd little dude, a sort-of human sporting a multi-eyed fox head who can fart his method up ships to achieve each nook and cranny. Each day offers eight minutes to restore as many ships as doable. Select a job, await the ship to return down and get to work.

Handily, the game gives manuals to assist determine what the hell you are imagined to be doing, with a slew of various producers and types to wrap your head round. They range out of your bog-standard mechanical elements to slugs that should be fed and even a sentient AI that have to be performed round with till it is within the appropriate temper. 


Repairs are finished by means of a sequence of small minigames, like completely timing a gasoline canister fill. Let go too early and also you’re short-changing the shopper. Let go too late and the canister bursts, forcing you to interchange it out of your individual pocket. The minigames progressively get extra finicky, like having to unscrew and preserve observe of the varied bits and items of every module, however you will be rewarded in your additional effort.

A purple slug grins on a colourful ship module.

(Image credit score: Beard Envy)

You can seek the advice of the manuals for probably the most primary, run-of-the-mill fixes, however Beard Envy says there’s quite a lot of room for experimentation. What if as an alternative of oil, you stuffed the man’s spaceship with espresso? Sometimes the outcomes of your tomfoolery can be quick, whereas with others it could possibly be days till you will have a really pissed-off, caffeine-soaked alien in your doorstep.

Repairing ships will go in the direction of paying off every week’s hire and avoiding dying, however additional cash may be put in the direction of some good workshop upgrades. It ought to ultimately enable for greater, higher ship repairs and hiring helpers to make life a wee bit simpler. Beard Envy additionally tells me there are some thriller contraptions that may be found as you enterprise deeper in, and I get the impression that the three-man group has tried to consider every part.

When your fox head is not buried inside some weird module, there are a plethora of characters knocking about this bizarre slice of space-bound Americana. Clients have completely different personalities, like one alien who appears very eager to pet you. You can run round and chat with individuals who work or stay close by earlier than your shift begins, providing an overarching narrative and permitting you to align your self with sure teams that inhabit the realm. I did not get to see a lot of the story ingredient, however there was a stunning twang of British humour working by means of the Americana. 

The fox-headed mechanic speaks to a large pink alien with speech bubbles above his head, one which says

(Image credit score: Beard Envy)

Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop seems quirky, enjoyable, and I get the impression there is a stunning quantity of depth hidden inside its roguelite components. While I initially got here for its seems—and it does look beautiful, scratching an aesthetic itch deep in my mind—I’ve been roped-in by the way it performs, too. It’s extraordinary in all of the methods I would like my video games to be, like an interactive, deadlier episode of Regular Show.

You can wishlist Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop on Steam now, with a launch date of quickly(ish).