Physical copies of Metal Gear Solid 3D have skyrocketed in worth since Konami introduced licensing points

Image through Konami

Back in November, Konami needed to delist Metal Gear Solid titles because of some licensing points. As of right away, you continue to are unable to choose up a digital copy of Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid 1 throughout Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo gadgets. As the restrictions got here down, the worth on the used marketplace for a few of these titles has skyrocketed.

Over on, a web site that tracks the worth of used titles throughout the web, it exhibits that the typical worth for a free copy of Metal Gear Solid 3D on the Nintendo 3DS hovered round $27 again in November earlier than the announcement of the delistings. Since the announcement, the typical worth of a free copy is now $68.75 whereas a compete in field copy of the title will value you $90.

It seems to be fairly apparent that sellers are benefiting from the shortage of the title. Whenever video games can be found to digital buy, the bodily copies are likely to not skyrocket since there are different and cheaper choices on the market. Since that choice was taken away it, the one choice right away when you didn’t already personal the digital model is to choose up a bodily one.

On prime of that, the typical worth of a free copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita elevated from $24.03 again in November to $44.22 as of this month. The Japanese model of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD on the Xbox 360 went from $31.58 in November to $64.37.

One factor that’s odd although is that whereas among the titles elevated in worth, one has not modified a lot. The worth of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3 and Xbox 360 has principally stayed the identical.

Used game markets are likely to fluctuate and the worth of titles are decided by what the market calls for. If the licensing points are resolved with Konami, the worth of those titles will most definitely lower.