While experiencing Phasmophobia, it may be difficult to find or identify a Mimic. According to the game’s description, it has the ability to mimic the behaviour and traits of others and ghosts. This ability may make it extremely difficult to guess which ghost you are encountering. Fortunately, this ghost also offers a lot of ways for you to identify it. So, with the help of this tutorial, we’ll be able to identify and locate a Mimic in Phasmophobia.

How to Find & Identify a Mimic

how to identify a mimic in phasmophobia

The game tells you there are 4 items of proof to seek out with a view to determine a mimic in Phasmophobia. Three are given immediately and one is hinted in its weak pointthey’re:

  • Spirit Box: It lets you discuss to ghosts. This software prices $50.
  • Fingerprints: You want to make use of UV gentle to light up the realm where you might be searching for fingerprints for proof.
  • Orbs: You can use the video digital camera & tripods as properly to search for any ghost orbs. Both of those instruments’ mixed price is $75.
  • Freezing Temperatures: A thermometer may be used to identify whether the area you are in has freezing temperatures. This software prices $30. However, if you can’t afford a thermometer, you may keep an eye on your character’s breath.

Mimic is known for leaving a trail of phantom orbs in her wake. But, as the name implies, the most obvious giveaway here is its ability to simulate various ghosts. So, when playing standard mode, use the methods listed above to find a clone. And as for the nightmare extra, it may leave any three of the preceding four pieces of proof for you to decide.

Things you must look out for when going through a Mimic

  • Pieces of proof: If you discover any three of the proof talked about above then it’s a Mimic.
  • Behaviour: Mimic may mimic the behaviour of several ghosts but not their evidence. So, if you’re experiencing radically different behaviours, there’s a good chance you’re going through a Mimic.