The 15-year journey of Past Good and Evil 2 has wearily handed one other milestone: it has been in growth even longer than Duke Nukem Without end, the game which nonetheless holds (although presumably not for lengthy) the Guinness World File for “Longest growth interval for a videogame”.

Properly, truly, BG&E2 formally crossed that threshold a few hundred days in the past, it is simply taken us all this lengthy to note. As initially identified by editor Brendan Sinclair, the painful labour that introduced us Duke Nukem Without end lasted 5,156 days. BG&E 2’s first trailer got here out on Might 30, 2008: 5,239 days in the past. Heck, the game had already been in growth for a yr or so when that trailer dropped, so it is truly been even longer.

A couple of individuals have identified that the unique description and trailer for BG&E 2 bear little resemblance to the model of the game that trailered at E3 2018, suggesting the comparability with Duke Nukem may be unfair. To be trustworthy, although, a fast scan by the numerous and assorted trailers that got here out for Duke Nukem Without end over time reveals a game that saved shifting in measurement, scope, and employees. We even noticed an unreleased construct of it earlier this yr that bore little resemblance to the Duke Nukem we received in 2011. For my cash, the comparability is a good one.

It is a doubtful honour, to say the least. Ubisoft continues to insist—to our astonishment—that the game continues to be within the works, and it was solely two months in the past that BG&E 2 received a brand new lead author, so presumably one thing continues to be occurring with the undertaking. Nonetheless, after 15 years, and with the sequence’ creator (for those who can name it a sequence) leaving Ubisoft amid accusations of poisonous mismanagement, it’s totally, very onerous to take care of optimism for the game even for die-hard nostalgics like me.

I maintain that we’ll, someday, see the discharge of a game with ‘Past Good and Evil’ in its title, although I may be in my dotage when it occurs. Within the meantime, I suppose I will sit and look forward to the BG&E film that Netflix introduced two years in the past, and replicate on rosy childhood recollections of roaming the waters of Hillys.