Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen, the game’s latest tank hero, seems like she’ll be a nightmare for healers. Her equipment resembles that of a DPS hero in authentic Overwatch, however in Overwatch 2’s 5v5 world, tanks can rack up injury too.

You’ve heard her yell at you over the intercom within the Junkertown map for years, however now she’s lastly a playable hero. The Junker Queen battled to the highest within the pits of the Junkertown enviornment and claimed the throne, as we noticed within the new cinematic.

She’s a superb instance of what a tank constructed throughout the sequel’s new format appears like. Junker Queen’s usefulness as a tank is determined by your Wound uptime. All of her talents inflict Wound, which offers damage-over-time to enemies and heals her in return. Instead of getting a defensive cooldown like different tanks, Junker Queen has to keep up a trickle of therapeutic whereas preventing inside melee vary of the enemy staff. Ironically, meaning she’ll be weak on long-range, open maps like Junkertown and devastating on close-range maps like King’s Row.

Like Doomfist, who swapped to the tank roster in Overwatch 2, Junker Queen is constructed to weaken opponents in order that her staff can comply with up with deadly injury. And if you happen to let her go unchecked, she’s going to remove you herself. Tanks in Overwatch 2 are usually designed round fixed engagement in staff fights reasonably than slowly moving by the map behind a defend. Junker Queen’s set of talents appear particularly good towards groups that group up in order that she will be able to run by them together with her final like a bowling ball.

Blizzard gave us a peek at her talents in as we speak’s presentation, however if you wish to totally perceive them, you may must play her within the game’s second beta on June 28. 

Junker Queen’s talents

  • Passive: Wound offers damage-over-time to enemies and heals Junker Queen’s health again.
  • Primary weapon: A 6-shot shotgun that is strongest in short-range fights.
  • Quick melee: A knife assault that does extra injury than regular melee assaults and inflicts Wound on the enemy.
  • Carnage: An axe assault that appears to deal vital injury to enemies in a cone and inflicts Wound.
  • Rampage: A spinning axe final capacity that propels Junker Queen ahead and inflicts Wound injury and nullifies therapeutic on enemies.
  • Jagged Blade: Junker Queen throws her knife out into an enemy and remembers it again, pulling her opponent with it and inflicting Wound.
  • Commanding Shout: An AoE buff that enhances the velocity and armor of close by allies.