When Cassidy pops his Deadeye final, begins glowing orange, and yells “It is excessive midday,” my seven years of expertise enjoying Overwatch inform me to run for my life. However, in keeping with Overwatch 2 scientist Marblr, the cowboy’s ult is not as threatening because it may appear.

Marblr breaks down a number of obvious issues with Cassidy’s final of their newest video: Cassidy’s ult is meant to lock onto targets (indicated by a closing crimson circle and cranium) and hearth in any respect of them while you pull the set off. Partitions and shields can block your bullets, but when enemies are out within the open, they’re speculated to get hit. And but typically, Cassidy misses.

For a very long time, no one may clarify why Cassidy’s ult typically fails to hit enemies who positively ought to’ve been toast. There are many movies on the market of Mercy inexplicably parrying a Deadeye shot with out taking any harm and different heroes residing by the final word regardless of being in clear line-of-sight of Cassidy.

Marblr spent two weeks testing Cassidy’s ult with Overwatch’s included workshop instruments and located that hero fashions and latency are the first culprits for Cassidy’s shaky purpose.

Apparently, Cassidy’s ult checks if enemies are in his line-of-sight by in search of “hardpoints,” or particular factors on a personality mannequin positioned by the builders. Deadeye appears to be like for 2 hardpoints on their chest after which one on their decrease half to verify a goal is uncovered sufficient to lock on. The issue comes from the truth that, when Cassidy shoots, the bullet at all times travels to a hardpoint on the chest, not the pinnacle, legs, or arms.

All of which means it is attainable to efficiently lock onto an enemy in your imaginative and prescient and miss as a result of the hardpoint on their chest is blocked by an object. With all the lampposts, signage, and chest-high items of canopy in Overwatch 2 maps, this will occur very often.

There’s additionally very clearly a bug with the best way Deadeye checks for the location of that chest-level hardpoint. Some heroes, like Junkrat and Ana, slouch decrease of their in-game pose than the default T-pose used for rigging characters. At the moment, Cassidy’s ult checks for his or her hardpoints as in the event that they’re in a straight T-pose (not their precise slouched location) and adjusts the second you hearth. And for some motive, the location of the hardpoint is maintained till the subsequent time you ult, which not solely causes you to overlook, however provides inconsistency.

Marblr did not determine the precise motive for why Mercy and different heroes who change their pose when utilizing talents may cause Deadeye to overlook, but it surely has one thing to do with hardpoints and latency. A Mercy in mid-flight or a hero knocked down by Reinhardt’s Earthshatter have a window of time based mostly on the Cassidy gamers’ latency to be efficiently shot. “The truth that your community situation determines whether or not or not Deadeye hits makes this really weird and, to be trustworthy, I am not sure what is going on on,” Marblr mentioned.

Cassidy’s ult does have one constant perform although: it reloads his revolver quicker than the traditional reload animation when you instantly cancel it. Catch me on Route 66, popping Deadeye for one more six shots to overlook on the Tracer in my backline.