Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 offers a completely new game mode called Push that players are keen to learn about. It is a one-of-a-kind take on the escort mode of the original game, but this time you assault and defend at the same time. The primary gameplay itself might be pretty simple, but managing the match makes it a little more difficult. So, without further ado, let us learn how to play the brand new Push mode in Overwatch 2 and get some tips for doing so.

How to Play Push Mode in Overwatch 2

how to play push mode in overwatch 2

In Push Mode, players from both sides seek to control the robotic such that it reaches the spawn level of the opposing party. However, this is an oversimplified justification of the mode. This is everything that happens in this game mode.

  • This mode takes place on a Symmetrical map. The motive for it’s it offers each groups a good probability at protecting the gap. At the time of writing this text, you may play this mode on these maps.
    • New Queen Street
    • Colosseo

Teams spawn at opposite sides of the map, while the robotic is in the centre. After 30 seconds, the Robot and its barricade-like payload are unlocked. This gives each party enough time to come to it and start fighting for its control. When a group eliminates the opposing, the Robot will unlock and begin moving. Players from the receiving group will now travel with the robotic since it pushes the barrier to the other group’s spawn. The party that loses control of the robotic can reclaim it by destroying the other faction.

When this group regains control, the robots will flip and begin pushing towards the direction of the other group’s offspring. It is critical to understand that when the robots is not pushing the barrier, it strikes faster. The closer the controlling group’s players are to it, the faster it will strike. When pushing the barricade or turning again, this condition works for all circumstances.

  • There are two win circumstances right here.
    • The first is once you get the robotic and the barricade to the opponent group’s spawn.
    • And the second situation is the group that managed to push the furthest distance wins. This distance is measured in meters from the middle level of the map.

Tips for Push mode

These are among the suggestions that can aid you achieve the higher hand within the match.

  • Get the primary checkpoint: Getting the primary checkpoint is essential because it provides you with a bonus within the match. Once you attain the checkpoint you’ll spawn nearer to the robotic as a substitute of all the way in which from the beginning.
  • Split the group when defending: Instead of all gamers surrounding the robotic, disperse and do shock assaults. This will improve the possibility of you preserving management of the robotic.
  • While attacking watch out for crowd management: Pushing together is important, but if the entire group is too close together, the chances of everyone being eliminated rise if the adversary uses an AoE attack. So arrange your attack in such a way that you can control the robot while still keeping an eye on your opponents.