Outriders Technomancer
Outriders Technomancer

At first glance, Technomancer might feel a bit overwhelmed compared to other classes, but I think in the final game, Technomancer’s maximum DPS setting almost defeated everything that other classes can provide. As long as the enemy is dealt damage, Technomancer will continue to heal, meaning the more damage you take, the tankier you will be. All levels apply, but the connection to Technomancer is more direct.

Technomancer is an excellent class at any range, but it can be the strongest at long range, at least until you become strong enough that most enemies can or may not hurt you. If you’re interested in how to reach the magic power stage, check out our best Outriders Technomancer building page.

  • Scrapnel: Throw a proximity device. The blast deals damage and disrupts the abilities of enemies within the blast radius.
  • Cryo Turret – Place an automatic turret to deal damage and freeze the enemy. The health of the turret will be gradually consumed over time.
  • Pain Launcher – Place a missile launcher and bombard the area in front of you. Each missile hit will deal damage and disrupt enemy abilities.
  • Blighted Round: Fill the current weapon’s magazine with corrupted bullets, making the bullets poisonous to the enemy. Enemies within a smaller radius of the primary target will also take poisons and 50% damage. This ability lasts until you reload or change weapons.
  • Tool Of Destruction- Come up with a rocket launcher that can disrupt the enemy or a mini pistol that deals damage at all times. The ability will remain active until all ammo is depleted or until you change your weapon.
  • Fixing Wave- Releases energy to restore 33% of all players’ health and restore 50% of turret health, regardless of distance.
  • Cold Snap- Place a small tool to freeze all enemies in a large radius around you.
  • Blighted Turret- Place an automatic turret, which deals damage and poisons the enemy. The health of the turret will be gradually consumed over time.