Outriders Pyromancer
Outriders Pyromancer

Outriders supports full crossover play, which means you can collaborate with other players online regardless of platform. Unlike other cross-border games that use publisher-specific accounts to allow you to create a cross-platform friend list, Outriders work through a code system.

Before we begin, please note that if you play games in the same ecosystem, for example PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox, it will be compatible with your existing friends list, so keep using it. If you are not in the ecosystem (for example, from PlayStation to Xbox, or from console to PC), you should have the initial cross-play disabled by default. The best place to enable it is to press the “Play with friends” icon on the lobby screen.

Outriders crossplay

To enable this feature, go to “Options” from here or from the system menu in the pause state, and then find the feature under the “Gameplay” tab; When done, go back to the multiplayer match selection screen and enable crossover play.

Characteristics. Crossplay requires you to generate a code and send it to anyone who wants to join you or, if you request to join, ask the player to provide you with the code they generate.

Note you must get a short way through the story – until you reach Rift Town, about an hour or so into the game – before you can party up with other players.

Something to note is there is no crossplay voice chat. This means that you should use alternative services (like Discord) or apps with audio calls (like WhatsApp or FaceTime) instead. As always, if you use a mobile phone, make sure you understand the data limit / limit.