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Should You Choose Team Cece or Reede in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?


Should You Choose Team Cece or Reede in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

On: May 23, 2023

While The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers players many different options, it isn’t often that players are asked to make a decision between two things. That changes when you reach Hateno Village, which is looking to elect a new mayor. If you want to bring this town to the next era, you will have to choose between Team Cece or Reede. But, which mayor will offer you the best possible reward, if they are elected the head of Hateno Village? And is there any downside to selecting one NPC over another? We’ll walk through the choice, the quests, and the ending of the Hateno Village Election.

Who will be Mayor of Hateno Village in Your Game?

Is Cece or Reede the Better Mayor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

You are actually intended to choose both Cece and Reede in the Hateno Village quest of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Once you complete the questline for one mayoral candidate, you will have to complete the other one if you want to continue the side story. By investigating both candidates, you will discover secrets about the town that allows for both characters to finally start getting along. And, in the end, Reede will be selected as the official mayor, though Cece supports the decision.

The story behind this quest is that Hateno Village is electing a new mayor. The candidates include Cece, a Hylian with a fashion store and exquisite style, and Reede, a traditionalist Hylian with family values. By talking with them as they insult one another, you will unlock two different questlines named after them: “Team Cece or Team Reede?” and “A New Signature Food.” Their relatives will also offer two quests: “Cece’s Secret” and “Reede’s Secret.”

While this is set up like a moral choice with potential ramifications down the line, there is no need to worry! You will be helping both of the candidates during the course of the quest. In order to reach election, you are going to learn much about these two! Let’s start diving into what you’ll need to do for them.

Cece Questline Walkthrough

Cece, the New Blood of Hateno

Cece, the eccentric woman in a dress, wants you to convince some of Reede’s followers to join her cause. Reede’s people are not wearing Cece’s more outlandish outfits, and are scattered about the town. Her plan of attack is to deliver some Hylian Mushrooms to them. There are eight total followers to deliver to:

  • Uma by the school’s farm.
  • Dayntz and Koyin by Hateno Pasture.
  • Worten by the inn.
  • Tamano is on gatekeeper duty at night.
  • Medda is a farmer who won’t take a mushroom during the day. Wait for nightfall to visit his south-side home for a mushroom.
  • Leop is near the bulletin board during the day.
  • Tokk walks to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab during the day.

Once you have all eight people bribed, return to Cece to get your reward: a Big Hearty Truffle!

Then, talk to her sister Sophie, outside of the boutique. Your goal is to follow Cece at night – which you can access by sitting at a campfire – and watch where she goes. She’ll enter the silo across the street, so check inside by climbing to the silo window. You’ll know you do it right if you get a short dialogue explaining the secret.

It turns out… She doesn’t hate traditional food! Scandalous, right?

Head back to Sophie and get your reward of 10 Ironshrooms.

Reede Questline Walkthrough

Reede, the Traditionalist

Reede, the stoic town guide, will ask for your help if you start helping Cece. He’s next door to the Inn in his home, and wants your aid in recreating a dish. The recipe will be found in a nearby farm, Hateno Pasture, which is located to the east of the village. Koyin, a young Hylian, has a side quest for you: “A Letter for Koyin.” This side adventure involves getting to a bottle in the center of a large pond. You can choose how to get it, and the nearby logs are almost certain to make their way into your structure!

Once you have the letter, she’ll read it for you. She’ll then become a capitalist, and say that she can make it for you for 20 Rupees or if you give her some Fresh Milk. Get the cheese and bring it back to Reede. He’ll give you 100 Rupees for reminding him of his childhood.

However, not all is as it seems. Reede’s Wife Clavia wants to have a word with you. Talk with this wandering woman to start “Reede’s Secret,” which begins with her explaining that Reede is doing something in his shed. To get inside of his shed, wait until noon, then spelunk through the Hateno Village North Well. Follow the path for a while, and then Ascend when you are under his shed. Don’t worry if you miss your target; you can always Return from the Ascend by pressing B. Once you’ve broken in, read Reede’s Diary which is situated inside of the shed. Apparently, he’s willing to break tradition if it means getting more in touch with the town’s youth!

Tell Clavia about it, and she’ll give you 10 Hylian Tomatoes.

What Happens during “The Mayoral Election” Quest in Tears of the Kingdom?

Once you’ve done all four of the Mayor quests for Cece and Reede, a new quest called “The Mayoral Election” can begin by speaking with Sophie. You will watch the drama unfold, as the town struggles to decide between Cece or Reede. Eventually, the debate ends with the Secret quest givers outing them both as hypocrites!

After some more talking, Cece cedes the title of mayor to Reede and focuses on her boutique. You will get the Cece Hat, a fashionable item, and Cece will have officially opened her shop. Head here if you ever lose a clothing item, or decide to adjust the helmet of an armor set you like. She is also an excellent place to go if you ever need fashion advice… Though, most of the time, she only likes your outfit if you’re wearing a full set, or have her hat equipped. Tough crowd!

How do you Get the Cece Hat in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Cece Hat is your primary reward for completing the five mission saga of Hateno Village’s Mayoral Election. You must complete “Team Cece or Team Reede?,” “A New Signature Food,” “Cece’s Secret,” “Reede’s Secret,” and “The Mayoral Election” to receive this stylish hat.

How do you Take Selfies in Tears of the Kingdom?

If you want to take selfies, you’re going to first need to get the camera Purah Pad feature from Robbie. Then, you will be able to take a selfie by opening the Camera feature and hitting the labeled button for “Self-Portrait.” This will also let Link pose for your pictures.

Who is Dantz in Tears of the Kingdom?

Dantz is the local dairy farmer of the Hateno Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He has some “prize cows” that you can help out with, which allows you to trade some acorns for Fresh Milk. His daughter, Koyin, has a quest of her own, which unlocks Hateno Cheese for collection.

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