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OP Skyrim Stealth Build Still Possible In Starfield


OP Skyrim Stealth Build Still Possible In Starfield

On: July 19, 2023

Some people play games to experience the challenge, while others learn all that they can so that they break it. While Starfield is looking to be an expansive game full of danger and difficult elements, it seems Bethesda has added in some familiar mechanics. Specifically, it appears that players will be able to recreate a powerful ranged character from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in this sci-fi epic. Although some of the terminology and available equipment may be changed the core of the build is still there and if that’s so, people will be able to tear through the game in relative safety.

Skyrim’s Archer Build in Starfield

Skyrim is one of the best-selling games of all time, and one of Bethesda’s biggest hits to date. People are still playing the fantasy adventure even while Starfield is waiting in the hangar. However, it appears that Starfield’s customization options will allow players to bring a sense of Skyrim strategy into the mix.

According to Gaming Bible, it will be possible to create a character that emulates the stats and strategies behind what is known as the Stealth Archer build. All you have to do is replace bows and arrows with futuristic long-range weapons and it doesn’t seem like that far of a leap. Considering that any planet you visit could be hostile, this build will be handy for staying safe and picking off enemies.

Both Skyrim and Starfield have vast worlds to explore, the latter having a whole universe, with protagonists that are as vulnerable as they are powerful. However, now that the Stealth Archer is confirmed, the level of risk and danger has gone down significantly.

This build is used to make it so that the character can stay undetected both at long and close ranges. They’re also made to have a high damage output so that they can take out enemies (ideally) in one hit before any alarms are raised. Needless to say, such a strategy will make surveying new locations and planets easier.

Starfield is warming up the engines and getting ready to match and try to surpass the numbers of Skyrim. Considering that the Stealth Archer build can be recreated in it, this may make that feat a bit easier for it.