PCG Gamer of the 12 months Let Me Solo Her is again at it once more, child. As reported by Kotaku, LMSH, well-known for his nude, twin katana-wielding, pot-helmed avatar and repeated shepherding of different gamers previous secret megaboss Malenia, has began streaming a run of Elden Ring where each enemy is, the truth is, Malenia.

I am undecided what mod LMSH is utilizing to make the swap⁠—possibly some customized parameters on the Merchandise and Enemy Randomizer by thefifthmatt⁠—however he is additionally rocking FiftyTifty’s simply-titled Aggression Mod, which makes enemies instantly house in on you from any vary as soon as spawned. A complete countryside of forbidden sword method goddesses of decay instantly lock on and pursue LMSH on getting into an space, making for this virtually Danger of Rain-like ratcheting up of the peril as he scurries from Grace to Grace.

LMSH’s targets for the run are to gather his signature pot helm from Alexander’s quest, by no means stage up Vigor, and beat the game. At the moment he is acquired the beginning samurai helm to finish his ensemble, making for a kind of depowered, Samus-at-the-beginning-of-Metroid vibe earlier than he collects his signature hat. In his preliminary two-hour stream, LMSH murdered lovable samurai dope Yurah for his Sephiroth sword earlier than taking up Malenia the Fell Omen and Malenia the Grafted.

He began operating into hassle with Malenia, Queen of the Full Moon although. Not solely does she have a cramped, cluttered boss room, however each occasion of Malenia within the mod carries each of her health bars. With a two-phase boss like Rennala, that is truly two separate Malenia spawns making for a four-phase boss.

Fortunately, the mod affords the small mercy of not turning all of Rennala’s little child scholar minions into Malenias as effectively⁠—there’s simply the one. That setup would most likely be an excessive amount of of a CPU melter anyway. As LMSH notes, the mod already “makes your game kinda laggy because it wasn’t meant to help that many Malenias.”

LMSH indicated that the run will proceed right now, and you’ll catch it dwell or in VOD kind over on his YouTube channel. As one Elden Ring Malenia assassin troopers on, one other has not too long ago retired. Participant JPNB might lastly finish his “Combating Malenia with a distinct construct each week till Elden Ring DLC Information” collection since we lastly acquired that Elden Ring DLC information. I sit up for all these avid gamers finally having to battle Blue Malenia in Shadow of the Erdtree.