One Piece’s Satan Fruits have given numerous swashbucklers, good and evil, superb skills over the historical past of the Shonen sequence, and with the long-awaited reveal of Dr. Vegapunk, the mad scientist has been dropping information bombs on Luffy and his crew. Now, following a breakdown of how the Satan Fruits got here to be, the massive mind has additionally explored how the power-granting edibles had been capable of be duplicated together with another juicy tidbits concerning the key factor of the Grand Line.

Warning. If in case you have but to learn the newest chapter of One Piece’s manga, Chapter 1070, you may need to steer clear as we’ll be diving into critical spoiler territory.

Whereas Vegapunk has been dropping some critical bombshells in terms of the origins of the Satan Fruit, revealing that the power-enabling edibles gained their powers, and weaknesses, in relation to a goddess of the ocean, the scientist additionally takes the chance to clarify how the fruit will also be duplicated:

“Solely Zoan-type Satan Fruits could be produced artificially. Nearly all fruits of that sort, even the particular ones, can most likely be re-created with huge quantities of time and money, although I have not confirmed if they’ll awaken.”

Satan Fruit Doppelgangers

Vegapunk then continues, discussing the Paramythia varieties particularly:

“For Paramythia varieties, nonetheless, I discovered that so long as you will have the person’s bloodline parts, you possibly can synthesize and administer a particular sort of blood to confer these powers to others that’s liquid working via their arms.”

The Straw Hats who weren’t concerned in a life or loss of life battle with Rob Lucci had been shocked by this revelation, realizing that the scientist was capable of create new blood for topics, whereas additionally touting that the Seraphim symbolize the “highest echelon of science conceivable” and symbolize the strongest type of humanity in flip.


With Vegapunk catching a journey from the Straw Hats and working from the army, the scientist is likely to be set to disclose much more mysteries because the Remaining Arc continues in One Piece’s pages.

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