One Piece followers know Luffy’s foes very effectively, and they’re game to see certainly one of his most well-known opponents step again into the ring. In spite of everything, Rob Lucci is again within the image, and the Cipher Pol agent is taking up Luffy as soon as extra. The pair are making a stand on the Grand Line lengthy after their first battle, and the occasion known as for Lucci to debut a brand new type.

And no, he does not have a secret Satan Fruit hiding up his sleeve. Lucci has leveled up his Cat-Cat Fruit, and which means his Woke up type has now been uncovered.

As you’ll be able to see above, the Woke up type of the Cat-Cat Fruit makes Lucci look extra man than a cat. It comes with some insane stat boosts as you would possibly count on, and the Woke up energy doesn’t overtake Lucci’s character, not like his normal leopard transformation. Nevertheless, he can nonetheless use his claws and bloodlust as he sees match.

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Within the newest chapter of One Piece, followers can see Woke up Lucci battle Luffy in his personal Woke up type, and the feud is wild. Lucci is ready to battle in opposition to Luffy on par, and he even takes a Mogura Pistol with out being knocked out. Clearly, Lucci has been coaching exhausting since we final noticed him, and he is prepared to point out up Luffy this spherical.


In fact, that’s simpler mentioned than achieved. Luffy is a wildfire on the sector, and his Woke up type is without doubt one of the strongest on the market. The shape helped him take down Kaido, so Lucci should know the percentages aren’t in his favor. However with a brand new transformation beneath his belt, effectively – are you able to blame the agent for making an attempt its hand?

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