The present state of Wano Country in One Piece was cast on account of the desires of Kozuki Oden, with the Beast Pirates trying to place down any hopes of the ronin’s desires of opening the borders of the remoted nation. Though the War for the destiny of the nation has come to an finish, Eiichiro Oda clearly had many surprises in retailer for readers as a brand new member of the Kozuki household has been revealed to a sure Straw Hat Pirates.

Warning. If you will have but to learn the newest chapter of One Piece’s manga, Chapter 1053, you would possibly wish to steer clear as we’ll be diving into some critical spoiler territory.

One of the members of the Wano resistance was the mysterious masked man often called Tengu, who had assisted the Straw Hat Pirates of their titanic struggle in opposition to the ruthless tyrants that have been holding the nation of their thrall. Taking off his masks whereas speaking with Nico Robin, Tengu reveals himself to be none aside from Kozuki Sukiyaki, the daddy of Oden and the grandfather to Momonosuke. With Robin being shocked by his reveal, the Straw Hat wonders if Sukiyaki will reveal his secret to Momo, with Tengu responding that it is a secret that he’ll proceed to carry to shut to his chest:

“I have no intention of telling him, although perhaps the Vassals are aware. I am the very man who allowed Orochi to seize control over the land of Wano. How Could I dare go public and declare my survival? By the time I finally escaped from this room with my life intact, Oden had died and Wano has terribly changed. I thought of committing Seppuku, right on the spot…”

Before he continued his story, Nico Robin asks the daddy of Oden if an historical weapon remains to be inside the borders of Wano, with Sukiyaki confirming that “Pluton” is in actual fact nonetheless within the remoted nation, maybe sowing the seeds for one more journey for the Straw Hats to undertake.


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