One Piece has been setting the stage for the true climax of the story as it really works by the primary main arc of the Ultimate Saga of the lengthy operating manga collection, and the latest chapter of the One Piece manga has dropped a curious new tease in regards to the man with a “Burn Scar” who apparently holds one of many closing Ponegliffs to Giggle Story. One of many massive teases for the Ultimate Saga to date has seen each Shanks and Blackbeard making their strikes to collect the remainder of the Ponegliffs, and it was revealed that one in all them was really held by somebody with a Burn Scar.

It was teased to Luffy at Wano that it was a clue to one of many closing Highway Ponegliffs belonged to the person with the Burn Scar, and that he wanted to find what that meant for himself. The most recent chapter of the One Piece manga continues this thriller with an attention-grabbing new tease as Blackbeard’s crew reveals that this man rides in an all-black ship and apparently has a harmful energy that destroys another ship that comes shut.

(Picture: Shueisha)

One Piece: Who’s the Man With the Burn Scar?

One Piece Chapter 1081 showcases a flashback that helps to elucidate how Kuzan ended up becoming a member of Blackbeard’s crew in the course of the chaos of the New World time skip, and it is right here that Blackbeard’s crew tells Kuzan about their plans to seize the ultimate Ponegliffs they want. Explaining that one of many closing Crimson Ponegliffs is held by the person with the Burn Scar, and including to the tease is the truth that he apparently rides in an all-black ship. It is also informed that ships that come shut are swallowed by an enormous vortex in the event that they get too shut additionally.

Blackbeard’s crew theorizes that the ultimate Ponegliff and the person with the burn scar is somebody who works with the federal government, and that may doubtless be a plot to ensure that pirates by no means get their arms on it. As Luffy and the opposite Emperors are actually working in the direction of getting the ultimate Ponegliffs, it will not be an excessive amount of longer till this man with the burn scar is totally revealed.

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