One Piece is moving together with its ultimate act, and the manga is dropping bombshells frequently at this level. From returning faces to lacking allies, Luffy has lots on his plate right away. Fortunately for him, he’s too busy on a mission involving Dr. Vegapunk to care. However because of the manga’s most up-to-date chapter, the sequence simply received much more complicated courtesy of a long-lost kingdom.

The phrase comes straight from chapter 1065 as One Piece pushed forward with Luffy’s new journey. He and Jewellery Bonney are exploring an island crammed with Vegapunk cronies alongside Chopper, Jinbe, and Franky. It’s there the group learns extra concerning the scientists’ expertise, and it appears all of it originates from a forgotten kingdom.

What Is This Place?

In accordance with Vegapunk’s first officer, the island’s tech is not a spot of the longer term however of the previous. “If I informed you that Egghead wasn’t the one one, that there was as soon as a kingdom simply as extremely superior as this that truly existed 900 years in the past, would you consider me,” he asks the crew. And naturally, Luffy can hardly consider such a factor.

Nevertheless, the thought is hardly farfetched. One Piece has performed with time very often since its debut, and there’s loads we do not learn about its Void Century. That interval of historical past is about on the identical time this kingdom would have existed. In order you’ll be able to see, one thing occurred to destroy the high-tech society, and followers are considering the World Authorities is concerned.

In any case, One Piece has talked concerning the Nice Kingdom previously. Again in chapter 395, this legend was referenced, and the dominion was described as being a risk to the World Authorities. Its energy and expertise had no comparability, and when confronted with destruction, information show the dominion unfold the Poneglyphs throughout the ocean to report its historical past. This is the reason the World Authorities desires to hold these information wiped and make sure the Void Century’s fact is stored secret.


Now? Properly, it appears one of many Authorities’s personal is tapping into the dominion. Dr. Vegapunk seems to be utilizing tech from the misplaced nation, and this explains why a success has been put out on the scientist. And shortly, it appears Luffy will study extra about what made the World Authorities so decided to take care of the Void Century’s charade all this time.